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Pep Creations launches 360 DEGREE Animation Services worldwide

Press Release: October 16, 2017

Pep Creations, an artistic and passion driven, 3-D animation and visual effect studio with production offices in India, the USA, and the UK, is capable of catering to a diverse clientele. Pep Creations is proud to announce that it has launched 360 degree animation services across the world.
360 degree animation has been finding its market with the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR), Pep creations lets your ideas take shape, helps you with your project on Virtual Reality and 360 degree animation work on films, games and other projects. Our team of experts’ works round the clock to help you through your difficulties in 360 degree animation and assist you in fulfilling your dream project. We at Pep creations consider the satisfaction of the customer as the prime feedback; our experts would be in constant touch with you to make sure that the project is true according to your very imagination. Rather than switching keys and moving the mouse, we give life to your imagination and are truly committed to help you achieve your dream.
3D animation in the present day is considered as an effective tool for communication that instinctively carries people to a susceptible state in turn strengthening the need for animations in fields where thorough communication is necessary. Animation also has found its immense use in the field of education and only has few peers. The positive aspect of animation is that it eludes the thought of doubt in one’s mind and let them design the impossible through direct link to one’s imagination, it leads one to defer their believes and accept the reality brought up through animation. Also, animation can be used to film impossible events and depict events that never occurred.
Pep Creation specializes in developing state of the art visual imagery for a full length feature animated films, short-form media, hybrid films, visual effects for live action and special venue attraction. We have the talent & infrastructure to create and execute projects of any scale and complexity. Over the years, we have carved a unique place for ourselves in the annals of animation on the basis of their superior quality standards, innovation and creativity. Pep Creations meets the quality standards as prescribed by ISO 9001:2008 and it has been duly verified and authenticated by ‘Dun & Bradstreet’. We are also an esteemed NASSCOM member which gives us a much needed competitive edge over others.
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