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PeopleCoach is Internationally Building “The Culture of Success"

Press Release: July 24, 2019

PeopleCoach is Internationally Building “The Culture of Success”

By innovatively creating “cultures” that adapt to change, Digital Transformation Architects D. Ray Freeman & Anthony Librizzi transform corporations by bringing people and process together

USA – July 23: Many of us have heard the saying, “the only thing that is certain is change”. Ironically, even though we live in a society where everything is changing constantly, still whether personally or professionally, change is the one thing that we as humans have trouble adapting to. Hence, with the current two largest demographics in the world being baby boomers and millennials, there is huge disconnect in our culture. These two generations speak completely different languages as well as think two extremely contrary ways; yet, they are charged with the task to work together, which forces them to have to understand each other. For many businesses, companies and organizations, this has been a perplexing task, both internally and externally, as these groups try to relate to one another, work together, and reach a market and its’ consumers that are ever-changing. So how is success and profitability possible with an intensifying cultural climate that has spilled over into the workforce, leaving leaders and employees alike unsure how to navigate it? According to D. Ray Freeman, Founder of PeopleCoach, transformation begins with people!

PeopleCoach transforms businesses as they bring people and processes together, instilling the ability to adapt to change through empowering hands on processes and the technological know-how that keeps the focus on companies' best assets – their people. Headed by a dynamic duo of Digital Transformation Architects: D. Ray Freeman (Founder and CEO of PeopleCoach), and Anthony Librizzi (PeopleCoach’s Chief Strategist and Digital Solution Executive), their dual innovation creates “Success Cultures” for international corporations and businesses in both the public and private sectors. 

Furthermore, by creating “Success Cultures” through developing on-going learning via innovative practices, PeopleCoach uses a customized facilitation approach to create “cycles of continuous improvement” to cultivate mounting success. “We should embrace change and persevere beyond its challenges,” says Freeman. “Therefore, we must create working environments where people are empowered to be their best as individuals and teams. This comes by living a life of transformation, and that transformation begins with people and how they think.”

This is something that the company’s Chief Strategist understands all too well, which is why he is so passionate about his work with PeopleCoach, as well as helping to develop a cross-cultural understanding amongst divergent generations and talent pools to foster the personal and professional essentials necessary for leadership and longevity. “Within companies there are people who work there and feel like they are on an island and no one understand them,” Librizzi explains. “There’s so much noise that sometimes you can’t hear anything, let alone hear yourself. By providing digital mentorship and technical coaching, we teach teams first and foremost how to be better to one another and from there, that is where we can then connect the mindsets of employees to the day-to-day activities of that company. Success is all about connection. The mindsets have to connect to the culture of that company in order for there to be transformation.”
Ray and Anthony are headed to the New York City next month, as they venture out to share their expertise with the world through media. The duo’s premier interview will be featured digitally on two national top radio shows: The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell. Stay tuned for more to come, as PeopleCoach is about to change the culture even-the-more through innovation, adaptation, and novel ways of expressing their style of digital architecture and transformation, the PeopleCoach way.

About PeopleCoach: PeopleCoach is an American Management Consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA that conducts discovery, training coaching and transformation services to businesses worldwide. PeopleCoach was born in the state of Texas in 2014 under its parent company Agile Consultant Guide, LLC. After serving Fortune 100 clients through corp-to-corp engagements, the company implemented new ways to influence business and IT practices to evolve corporate culture. By 2018, the PeopleCoach brand was revamped and two additional leaders enhanced the internal operations and thought leadership of the consultancy. Clients range from startups to multinational corporations in both public and private sectors. The company has served industries in airline, finance, manufacturing, digital media, mobile and software application development industries. Digital Solutions Lab is the company’s central hub for driving continuous innovation, with strategic partnerships in the US, UK, Jamaica, Australia and Canada. For more information on PeopleCoach, please visit MyPeopleCoach.com.

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