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People Value sales incentive & recognition solution and programme support helps drive sales in Whitbreads Hotels and Restaurants Division

Press Release: March 23, 2010

Oxford, UK 22nd March 2010 - PeopleValue, a leading provider of loyalty, incentive, reward & recognition and employee benefit programmes has been delivering a sales incentive & recognition programme solution that is helping drive sales in Whitbreads Hotels and Restaurants Division.

Whitbread PLC is the UK's largest hospitality company operating market-leading businesses in the budget hotels and restaurant sectors, employing over 33,000 people and serving 9 million customers every month in its 1,900outlets across the UK.

Whitbread, in conjunction with PeopleValue, developed a companywide sales incentive and recognition scheme targeted at frontline employees called Going for Gold (G4G). Introduced in May 2009, G4G is part of a cultural change programme designed to evolve the sales culture in Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants.

In selecting a sales incentive and employee recognition solution we were looking for company that not only had a proven track record in delivering schemes of this nature but one who would fit our culture as a company, observed Jo Rackham, Head of Reward and Analysis, Whitbread. We selected PeopleValue because they offered excellent value for money and showed they could put in place a solution that was easy to deploy and use by local management, whilst delivering the management information and control we required. Most importantly PeopleValue demonstrated through their interaction with us that they were an excellent cultural fit in terms of their attitude towards the desire to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

PeopleValue delivers loyalty, reward, incentive and employee benefit programmes to over 150 customers including Royal Mail, Northgate, Corus, NG Bailey, npower, RAC and Aviva. PeopleValues solutions are supported by a full end-to-end service through the creation, execution and management of programmes that are aimed at maximizing the impact on business results. PeopleValues programmes provide a full range of management information through a performance dashboard that can be built to meet individual client requirements.

Working with Whitbread to meet their exacting standards on this exciting and innovative sales incentive and employee recognition scheme has been a tremendous experience for PeopleValue. The value of the programme can be seen in the excellent sales performance they have achieved since the start of Going for Gold in 2009, said Mike Morgan, CEO, PeopleValue.

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