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People Tree Models Direct from Emma Watsons Phonebook

Press Release: February 11, 2010

The collection is aimed at 16-24 year olds and Watson contributed as a creative advisor for the company in order to come up with what is described as clean, sexy and easy to wear clothing. The Love From Emma range comprises 26 womens items and 15 mens styles, including accessories, and will be available in stores in late February. People Tree is an ethical brand whose clothing is made from Fairtrade certified cotton, so environmentally aware Emma was particularly happy to associate herself with the company.

Aside from this project the young fashionista has contracts with both Burberry and Chanel, and it seems that she can do no wrong in the eyes of the fashion world right now. Best known for her performance as the less image-conscious Hermione Granger, she has injected her own style into jersey dresses, t-shirts, knitwear, shorts and poplin skirts, reportedly surprising and impressing Safia Minney founder of the brand with her commitment to the project.

Emma may not be your average teenager Ive not come across many 19-year-olds who have a work ethic like hers but her eye for what teenagers want has been invaluable and it shows in the range. She got all her friends involved in the ideas process and was serious about getting everything right, commented Safia.

The involvement of her friends didnt end there either: some of the crew and all of the models used on the Love From Emma shoot were associates of Emma, including brother Alex.

Watson was seen on the front row at several fashion shows last year, a trend that looks set to continue as she develops her interest in fashion. However, this is not her main focus, she will soon be back to work on the new Harry Potter film and continuing her studies in English Literature. Though the collection is expected to fly off the shelves Emma Watson certainly appears to be a young lady with her feet firmly on the ground, recently telling the Daily Mail:

I dont have any plans to be a designer. Im doing this range because I really care about fair-trade and ethical fashion. Im so pleased that I got involved, but I dont want to take all the credit for being the designer because I havent trained as a designer or even gone to art college. She went on: This is not a celebrity endorsement, it is about creating something that is genuinely a great idea and about making a difference through fashion.

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