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Pennies Into Pixels Monetize Your Website For Life

Press Release: January 27, 2010

Radolfzell, Germany (January 21, 2010) Imagine being able to monetize a website for mere pennies and in so doing, also building the foundation for a lifetime of revenue and increasing your sites popularity by leaps and bounds. Dont think its possible? Well, think again. Thanks to The Million Euro Homepage, creating capital out of your little corner of the web is just as easy as becoming a pixel owner.

According to Ulrich M., owner of WillLive.de, his sites popularity rating has increased over 30% after submitting his content to The Million Euro Homepage. Ulrich stated, Now, Google places my site at the first page and my ratings have soared! Purchasing those pixels is a life investment!

Even if youre a fan of SEO, you might be surprised to learn that keywords arent always the only golden ticket to a sites success in search engine rankings. In fact, according to Stephanie K., owner of fashionclick.com, No matter what kind of website business you own, the Million Euro Homepage is something that cannot be missed out [on]! The SEO did not even help [fashionclick] that much, but the Million Euro Homepage is something different. My Google statistics have increased well.

The brainchild of 18-year-old German economic student Marc Mayr, The Million Euro Homepage was initially created to help websites generate wealth and has since evolved in the creators mind to become an opportunity to represent a single space in time on the world-wide-web. According to Marc, When every pixel is taken, The Million Euro Homepage will be a completely unique artwork, created by thousands of people that will hopefully never disappear. I guarantee to keep it online for at least five years, but hopefully as long as I live.

With nearly 40k pixels sold thus far, there are still plenty of pixels available. What more unique way is there to simultaneously secure your sites spot in internet infamy and guarantee revenue for the future?

For more about The Million Euro Homepage, visit: http://millioneurohomepage.tv/

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