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Payday Loans - what makes them so attractive?

Press Release: March 09, 2010

Payday loans online, now one of the most sort after loan products in the UK are becoming rapidly more available to consumers in the UK with an active bank account and who are in full time employment.

"The reasons into why our payday loan products are becoming more popular to consumers in the UK than other companies is that with Micro Lend UK we find a way to get our customers out of debt, not further into debt" says Daniel David, Director at Micro Lend.

"We ensure that each and every customer is provided with every possible opportunity to repay the capital on their debt in a timely manner, by not allowing unlimited rollovers, whereby the customer only repays the interest and "rolls over" the capital until next month."

Short term loans are a great fix for an emergency but the problems begin when these products are used for a long term financial solution.

Payday loans are a great way to get you through an emergency but should not be used as a get-by month to month.

Micro Lend UK offer quick loans online and flexible repayment plans. You can apply now for an instant decision loan @ www.microlend.co.uk

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