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Press Release: December 02, 2009

way out and simultaneously, need funds immediately, try a cash advance loan. No Faxing simply means that there is no paperwork required as everything is processed online. A cash advance loan is a short-term loan of amounts that are less than £1500. They have to be paid along with a fee charged by the cash advance firm within the due date which is usually 14 days.

According to Mr. Andy Roger CEO of http://www.faxfreeloans.co.uk/ once the applicant is cleared and is notified by email or a telephone call that he qualifies for a loan, he needs to just log in and fill out the loan request form. The loan can be deposited in the customer's checking account in less than 24 hours. It is done much faster than any other form of credit and as no credit checks are done, in most cases, even people with bad credit scores can get a cash advance loan easily.

These loans can be repaid in full when it is due along with the fee charged which then can be deducted electronically once the customer authorizes the cash advance company to withdraw funds automatically on the due date. In case the repayment is not possible the loan may be extended for an additional fee.

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