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Payday loans may help fill the gap in dental costs

Press Release: April 13, 2010

With recently released figures* showing that even a trip to the dentist may cause financial problems (with people using credit cards; taking out loans; or even avoiding the problem and suffering long term tooth decay) finance expert Gary Miller-Cheevers is suggesting that payday loans may be a quicker, more effective solution to paying for dental costs than other alternatives.

The Simply Health research* showed that over the last year:

* 39% of respondents with a dental bill over £50 used their credit card to pay for the cost;
* one in 50 took out a loan;
* 43% have avoided visiting the dentist as they were too worried about the cost implications, in some cases leading to tooth decay, abscesses and even loss of their tooth.

Even basic dentistry costs can soon rack up, with a simple check- up costing on average £46 privately or £16.20 on the NHS**, while a small, non-white tooth filling averages out at £78 privately or £44.60 on the NHS**.

Gary Miller-Cheevers says: It is a travesty that in this day and age people in the UK have to borrow money to afford basic healthcare or forgo treatment as they cannot afford it. Using a payday loan may be a quick and easy way to fund any kind of basic, lower cost treatment fast, as in most cases the money can be in a bank account within a couple of hours of someone being approved.

Using a payday loan which is a form of cash advance on your next or next-but-one payday and which allows people to apply for amounts up to £250 may sometimes work out cheaper than using a credit card (unless the amount is paid off in full on the credit card due date); a long term loan; or using an unauthorised overdraft***.

Gary adds: Not only are you getting a short term, comparatively low cost loan which is cleared on your next payday, you are getting peace of mind and relief from your pain. So we can reduce the physical pain and also the financial one too!

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*Simply Health Dental Survey 2010 - www.simplyhealth.co.uk/sh/pages/media-centre/dental-survey-2010.jsp

** www.whatprice.co.uk/dentist/nhs-private-prices.html (07.04.10)

***For cost comparisons, please visit: www.speed-e-loans.com/high-street-banks.html

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