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Paul Hopkinson, MD of British managed cloud hosting

Press Release: September 21, 2017

Both the UK, with its Data Protection Bill, and the EU, with its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to deliver essential controls over the use and trading of individual personal data in spring 2018.

The proposed UK Data Protection Bill ensures that technology companies protect the rights of the internet user by ensuring that businesses delete personal data when asked to do so. Companies will be fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if they fail to meet the new regulations. Fines could be levied up to £17m or 4% of a company’s global turnover.

The GDPR legislation will overhaul how companies handle and process data and applies to any business that collects or processes data regarding any EU citizen, anywhere in the world. Data includes anything regarding a person’s private, professional or public life, such as address, email, posts on social media and even their computer IP address. On this basis, all businesses will need to review how they store and manage data, including security and disaster recovery processes.

Paul Hopkinson said: “In order to provide our clients with confidence, as one of the leading players in web hosting, we must retain the highest standards in data privacy. Despite Brexit, stricter measures are necessary and critical in the UK in order to drive improved confidence in the industry as a whole.

Our advice to our clients is to face the challenges of security and protection head on. This does require regular risk assessment, understanding the inter-dependency of application design and hosting and the responsibilities of both parties, ensuring threat detection is installed, and that any issues are prioritised and rapidly dealt with.

As cyber security becomes a board room ‘hot potato’ and nearly 50% of UK companies experiencing at least one attack last year, all system security must and should be improved. From our prospective, this legislation is very welcome. Strong regulations build confidence and ensure the UK is one of the world’s most vibrant and secure digital economies.”

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