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Patient Eligibility Status Verification - Eliminating the long-procedure for doctors and patients

Press Release: November 01, 2019

pVerify, the #1 cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) for physicians and patients, released Online Patient Eligibility Status Verification software– a new advanced configuration that allows you to get the desired data without sneaking through complex stuff.

Verifying with insurers the eligibility of patients is one of the requirements of any medical practice management. By digitizing this part, pVerify frees new patients who plan and provide insurance information in advance. It's also a good idea to check their insurance before patients visit a doctor. As with your returning patients, this will ensure that you collect the correct amount at the time of the visit. For doctors, Eligibility API integration technology allows them to check eligibility of their patients before their visit, allowing them to have rewarding individual conversations with their patients. Also, it eliminates hundreds of pages of application forms every day that could lead to errors.

Key Points about Online Patient Eligibility Status check

Instantly identify if a patient has a compatible plan and even identify the name of the new plan
Determine the remaining coinsurance and deductible information as of the current date.
Obtain benefits information by office, inpatient, preventive care, urgent care, pharmacy, etc.
Download detailed reports on eligibility for patient insurance in PDF
Search for verified patient reports, available for 12 months, with the integrated solution
Export multiple exported patient records to Excel/CSV for easy review and analysis.

When a patient visits the doctor, whether it is a new patient or a return patient, he or she must bring an insurance identity card. When verifying information, eligibility, and benefits, it is always best to have a form in front of you. This will help you to remember the crucial information. Some of the items include on the patient form are:
Date of birth
Insurance carrier
ID number
Group number
Referral required
Insurance phone number
Authorization required

Having this information before consulting the patient will help you get a better reimbursement and you can effectively check the eligibility of the patient with the pVerify cloud-based software.

About pVerify

pVerify was founded in 2006 by a team of accomplished Healthcare Professionals whose goal is to streamline the eligibility processes for patient insurance and benefit verification, not only to improve patient collections but also to reduce the number of refusals.

pVerify provides advanced software for verifying patient eligibility status, payment processing, and online bill payment online. pVerify runs in a HIPAA compliant environment, providing high availability, secure data processing, and significant error reduction.

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