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Passport to Enclavia uncovers roots of EU crisis

Press Release: April 29, 2016

Journey through Europe’s forgotten enclaves provides
compelling and witty case for Brexit -

As the EU referendum approaches, Vitali Vitaliev exposes the state of European identity in his definitive book.

In the re-launched Passport to Enclavia: Travels in Search of a European Identity, acclaimed author and investigative journalist, Vitaliev reveals what it means to be European via his personal journey through Europe’s forgotten enclaves.

In the book Vitaliev brands the Brussels institutions “EU-SSR,” drawing parallels between the massive bureaucracy of the EU and that of the Soviet Union. He subsequently proves the point in his inimitable yet highly accessible satirical style. A former political defector from the Soviet Union, Vitaliev has a unique and authentic perspective.

His travels begin just as the European identity is being imposed from Brussels through the Euro. By exploring Europe’s enclaves Vitaliev discovers the fascinating and joyous idiosyncrasies of everyday life and unearths the 14-year-old roots of the current EU crisis.

“Brussels is hegemonistic and wants the whole of Europe to have “one voice,” said Vitaliev. “In Passport to Enclavia I prove how – while paying lip service to promoting and supporting minority cultures - the EC is in actual fact covertly stifling and repressing European cultural diversity.”

Passport to Enclavia provides a timelessly topical perspective on current European issues.

“Vitaliev has a sharp and sardonic eye...”
Daily Telegraph

“Vitaliev has an irrepressible sense of humour”
The Guardian

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About The Author
Vitali Vitaliev was born in 1954 in Kharkiv, Ukraine and studied French and English at Kharkiv University. He then became the first investigative journalist in the Soviet Union. As a result, he was forced to defect from the USSR by the KGB in January 1990. He has become widely known in the West for his regular appearances on TV and radio. Vitaliev has published twelve books which have been translated into a number of languages. He has contributed regularly to the Guardian, the European, the Daily Telegraph, the Australian and others, and has also made several TV documentaries. He is currently Features Editor of E&T magazine and lives near London.

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