Home Passion for Fitness (PFF) takes huge leap in Fitness Industry by Collaborating with Mapmygenome to Introduce Genomics based assessments in its Offerings

Passion for Fitness (PFF) takes huge leap in Fitness Industry by Collaborating with Mapmygenome to Introduce Genomics based assessments in its Offerings

Press Release: June 08, 2020

Passion for Fitness (PFF) has entered into an exclusive collaboration with Mapmygenome (a personal genomics company offering customized health solutions based on gene testing) to offer genomics based customized online fitness solutions for fitness aspirants across the globe.

Passion for Fitness believes that fitness is a sensitive part of our lives & one solution fits all is not applicable given that every individual has different DNA, biochemistry & metabolism. PFF understands the need of gene based assessment for its customers to evaluate associated health risks or nutrition related allergies

Mr. Sushant Kumar, Founder & CEO of Passion for Fitness (PFF) quotes, “Fitness is undergoing a technology disruption & a standard gym focused & quantified nutrition solution is no longer valid. Customers are looking for a scientific solution which is unique for them which can help them keep lifestyle diseases at bay. Our partnership with Mapmygenome will enable us to use genetic information to evaluate a body-nutrition-workout fit & help customers adopt a healthy lifestyle.”

Nutrition is the backbone of fitness, while nutrigenomics is going to play a significant role in structuring a health & fitness plan for an individual. This is where Mapmygenome comes into the picture.  The company offers gene testing  for not only analyzing appropriate nutrition & workout program for an individual, but also detecting potential genetic health risks, inflammatory response, immunity tests, drug response, cancer screening etc. Growing occurrences of metabolic ailments, increasing overweight population globally, and rising demand for determining potential genetic risks are the major growth drivers of nutrigenomics.

Ms. Anuradha Acharya, Founder & CEO of Mapmygenome quotes, “We wanted to use genomics technology to reach people directly- to help them know more about themselves. Once people understand their genes, as well as lifestyle, they will develop healthier habits & save themselves from diseases instead of being treated for them.”

Embracing a healthy lifestyle by knowing all about your genes is the best fitness approach, given the global the prevalence of lifestyle syndrome. This collaboration between PFF & Mapmygenome is going to give a healthier shape to lives of thousands of people across the globe.

About Company

Passion for Fitness is a global fitness community that offers genomics based online fitness coaching solution for folks who do not have time to take care of their health. They offer a curated nutrition & workout plan based on genetic code of their customers & help them adopt a healthy lifestyle to aid with their fitness goals. They are serving customers from across the globe.

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