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Passion for Fitness has been recognized among top 100 Fitness Blogs of the World by Feedpost

Press Release: July 01, 2020

Passion for Fitness has recently been recognized among top 100 fitness blogs of the world by a renowned and prestigious content marketing & distribution platform, Feedpost.

Passion for Fitness has blended life science with digital fitness to offer genomics based personalized fitness solution for time-pressed folks. With a vision of helping 100 million people adopt a healthy lifestyle, the company is bringing a revolution in fitness arena which has been historically dominated by gyms and me too online fitness models. By differentiating fitness goals from aesthetic goals, the company is bringing a paradigm shift in the lifestyle discipline of people globally.

Sushant Kumar, Founder & CEO, Passion for Fitness quotes, “Fitness isn’t only about just curating a plan for a customer, Passion for Fitness is using personal & sports genomics to make personalized nutrition and live online workout coaching available at customer’s finger tips. Our one-of its kind program provides accountability to our customers and make sure that the practice of fitness discipline which we have developed is continuously followed by our customers even after completion of program through our segment first post transformation DIY model.”

Sushant also believes that Fitness is never a function of supplements and artificial pills, rather fitness is all about combination of genetic composition and environment which includes sleep, diet & general lifestyle. The basic building blocks of fitness have been fabricated by so called fitness experts and have been projected as fulfillment of short lived aesthetic goals.   

Passion for Fitness conducts gene test of its customers in collaboration with Mapmygenome, a personal genomics company offering customized health solutions based on gene testing. Having gained 53rd rank among top 100 fitness blogs of the world, the company has its focus on empowering its customers & community with free access to their fitness blogs on their website. Passion for Fitness has its community across carious social media platforms. Fitness aspirants looking to empower themselves with health & fitness news daily can join their community. They also conduct fitness events & webinars. You can look out for their upcoming webinar here https://thesushantkumar.com/online-fitness-events/.

About Company:

Passion for Fitness is a global fitness company that offers genomics based online fitness coaching solution for folks who do not have time to take care of their health. They offer a curated nutrition & workout plan based on genetic code of their customers & help them adopt a healthy lifestyle to aid with their fitness goals. They are serving customers from across the globe.

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