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Parker Worldwide Guarantee's Results, Brand Awareness And Business Expansion.

Press Release: March 17, 2010

Parker Worldwides primary area of expertise is broadening our clients customer bases and brand awareness, market and product research. We achieve this by using a technique virtually unused before in the UK. A nationwide direct face-to-face sales and marketing force trained to the very highest level of customer service. Comprised of more than 500 sales professionals, in a network of over 36 offices in the UK, each and every one of our established sales teams is dedicated to maximizing a clients growth, sales and brand awareness.

There are many different ways to gain the attention of your market, and that means many different ways to waste money! Therefore, it's crucial to be smart about your marketing. Measure the results and crunch the numbers to find out what works best to gain attention. If you can attract a steady stream of prospects to your door, your business will grow. How can you create that steady stream? Simple, regular marketing means regular prospects. Regular direct contact, regular brand awareness, a regular market research, regular networking, clear direct contact with your customers. Whatever you do, do it regularly, What Parker Worldwide can do is provide you with the team of Marketing and Sales staff to reach clients on a guaranteed result basis.

Why your Marketing Should Be Cheap and Very Effective.

The whole aim of marketing is to generate interest, improve your image, What's the best measure of "interest?" Leads and sales.

Marketing your business shouldn't be inexpensive, it should be profitable. It should be profitable because it works. It should work because it is highly targeted and effective. Simple! Direct marketing ensures return on investment: the return you generate from your marketing efforts should far outweigh their cost and Parker Worldwide guarantee that.

Your marketing success stems from finding people who aren't your clients, but should be. The people who should be your clients won't differ much from those who are the current clients of your competitors, in other words, those clients have all the characteristics of the clients who would buy your products or services. The discovery of these characteristics is the first step toward defining your target market.

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Parker worldwide ltd was established to service an indentified gap in the market for quality face to face customer acquisition teams in the UK and Europe.

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