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Press Release: February 01, 2010

Since Parker Worldwide's opening in the UK they have been using a Client open day system which allows new and existing clients the chance to view first hand the entire work force within a chosen office, during this day the client is able to interact with the team members view all the different types of marketing systems we offer and even spend time viewing the sales team live at work. After so much successful feed back from our clients we have developed our recruitment open day system that allows us to offer the most transparent view of our business and marketing systems before any new applicants commit or invest their time into the Sales and Marketing Industry.

The recruitment open day allows successful applicants from a first interview process a chance to gain an inside view of the direct sales and marketing industry. With any applicants, for any position applied for, we invite them back on a voluntary open day to meet our entire team, there they will view each different sector of the business and spend some time live watching our sales and marketing teams working to give you first hand experience of how the industry benefits the clients. This gives the applicants the chance to see the entire structure of our industry and spend time alongside one of our assistant managers who have recently completed our Business Development Program. It also allows the applicant to demonstrate their full potential in a low pressure environment throughout the course of the day, and gives Parker Worldwide the best chance to make an accurate decision on our recruitment. This transparent recruitment process allows all applicants the chance to see exactly what their roll within our team would be prior to having to make any commitments to the company. Paker Worldwides Recruitment consultant Arif Rahman says " since using the open day we have been able to evaluate and allocate new recruits into their best suited position within our team, for their maximum personal development and also maximise our business growth"

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Parker worldwide ltd was established to service an indentified gap in the market for quality face to face customer acquisition teams in the UK and Europe.

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