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Paris Fashion Week Hairstyles That You Will Love To Try!

Press Release: October 05, 2019

“Paris Fashion Week might be over but at All Things Hair, we’re excited about the hair trends it has left in its wake!” Enthuses Jeanette Nkwate, Head of UK Content at AllThingsHair.com. “We believe that fashion and styling your hair should be accessible to everyone, which is why we’ve handpicked the hottest hair trends from Paris Fashion Week and shared tips and tricks on how to actually work the looks in real life”

Chanel – Parisian Chic
If nothing screams Parisian more than this, we don’t know what does. With bangs making their comeback, there is no better way of rocking the style than with curled locks and a coupe au carré (that’s a bob haircut for all you non-French speakers).

How To Rock The Trend IRL
No matter what your personal style is, the key to the Parisian Chic vibe is timeless sophistication. Use rollers or a curling wand to subtly add volume to your fringe and well as your short locks. Trust us, even if you have fine hair, it will instantly elevate your look.

Alexander McQueen – Play With Accessories
We are always amazed by hair stylists’ creativity in fashion shows, but the Alexander McQueen show taught us how to play with hair jewellery to make your hair edgier and tomboyish.

How To Rock The Trend IRL
Hair cuffs are perfect to hook onto all hair types and add texture and shine to your hair. Wrap your gold hair jewellery around your plaits for a more grown-up approach to braids, and match it with your outfit! We love snake braids for their delicateness, and we feel hair jewellery would be the perfect finishing touch

Louis Vuitton – Slick Locks
Nothing screams more “Hollywood siren” than slicked back hair. It is perfect for taking you from desk to dinner, and you can even do a half ponytail to help you keep it in place. It looks very preppy and put together, another timeless look that you will never grow tired of.

How To Rock The Trend IRL
We always long for super sleek hair, but how can you straighten it to perfection without that dreaded frizz? The key here is to have amazing products that will repair and soothe your hair during the straightening process. We also recommend you use texture spray before blow drying your hair and creating volume up the top, and applying a texture paste for that wet look effect.

Jarel Zhang – Space Age Bunches
We loved Jarel Zhang’s show for its bold statement colours and its eclectic mix of prints, but we were also captivated by the hairstyles. We love how the 90s are making their comeback, and after the space buns, bunches are back, and edgier than ever.

How To Rock The Trend IRL
No longer seen as a schoolgirl style, they can be made tomboyish with an androgynous style. As you have seen, slick locks are back and the wet look makes it all the more futuristic. This is an incredible look for festivals – just imagine hair jewellery and a hint of glitter roots!

Agnes B – Tousled Waves All Year Round
Agnes B surprised us with striking colour blocking and impressive sportswear. For this look, they opted for tousled waves with a black headband to embrace the sports look. Hair accessories are big this season, and elastic headbands have been seen on everyone from Bella Hadid to Jessica Alba – and you need to get in on the action too!

How To Rock The Trend IRL
Voluminous waves pop out all the more with an elastic, sportswear-inspired headband. Curling your hair is the perfect way to add bounce and sheen, making it look very much catwalk-worthy. You are not looking for pin curls, but curls with a looser, more natural shape, that still swish as you move – isn’t that #hairgoals?

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