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Parent-Child bonding, toddler fun & keeping safe during Lock down

Press Release: April 17, 2020

In the wake of the current situation of’ home lock down’ to keep safe from Pandemic, I assume we all are taking adequate precautions to ensure the safety of our children with utmost care.

This is also perfect time for strengthening Parent-Child bonding by being with the child and keeping them engaged at home by channelizing their energies in the right direction. As being a member of a responsible organization, hereby, I am sharing certain tips wherein the parents can guide, support and help the children in making the right use of time.

The following tips can be useful depending on the interest of your child:

1) Singing rhymes along with your child for a 15 min slot

2) Children can practice writing alphabets & numbers and read them loud to you

3) Read out stories with actions and ask the child to narrate & retell.

4) Drawing and coloring together can be more fun .

5) Children also enjoy craft activities such as paper folding, creating things out of old materials and greeting card making.

6) Engage the children in making their beds, folding their clothes, laying the table for meals. If you have elders at home, encourage children take care of grandparents with simple tasks such as reminding them of medicine, handing glass of water spending time with them by drawing a family tree along with them. This would make them more compassionate and enhance their self-esteem.

7) They may also write small paragraphs/ sentences on the things they see around or topics of their interest. Make a list of such topics.

8) Ask them to write 2 new words everyday either reading from a book/ newspaper or they heard on T.V.

9) Rewrite the story from the perspective of their favorite character in the story. They can also write a different ending to a story they have read.

10) They may be asked to interview their parents/ siblings and ask them certain simple questions similar to what they see in TV shows.

11) Teach the children the use of a dictionary or picture dictionary with simple words/pictures that may interest the child and ask them to explain the meaning

12) form of Parents & Children can engage together at home by doing yoga, simple exercises, meditation etc. to keep their mind and body healthy.

13) Gardening & watering plants is another activity that can be encouraged or can do together with your child.

Along with the academics the essential life skills can be inculcated which would always benefit them later in life.There are many more ways we can engage children and their time productively at the same time ensure they are prepared when they join back school after the current Pandemic situation settles to normal.

Not only the academics but also the language, social and physical skills can be enhanced with little involvement of parents. This makes our Parent Child Bond much stronger and fun.


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