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Press Release: January 29, 2010

For commercial and industrial carpet tiles that are modern and dynamic in design and reflect the current tastes of the leading commercial establishments, you cannot go wrong to look up Paragon Carpets. The company specializes in creating designs, colors and textures that will best suit your type of commercial establishment. In addition, these carpets are manufactured using the most environment-friendly technology available today. Their carpet tiles are guaranteed to be non-toxic and safe to use. 

The tiles are manufactured according to the strictest UK standards of quality and worksmanship for carpet tiles, providing durability, quality, safety and functionality for their clients. On top of all that excellence in manufacture, they furnish their clients with discounts and sales incentives which are courteously implemented and efficiently followed up by highly trained customer service personnel. Your dealings with them, from the moment you inquire up to the moment you transact will be conducted in a manner that is convenient to you, in terms of the clarity of their product specifications and the transparency of their pricing scheme.

In their deep concern for their client’s safety, they make sure that their products are the most environment friendly of its kind. They do not contain any chemicals or ingredients that have been proven to be detrimental to the health in considerable amounts. And all their fibres are guaranteed colour fast and washable. 

Whatever type of establishment you have, whether healthcare, entertainment, educational or leisure oriented, Paragon Carpets will have the carpet tiles that will not only enhance the style of your rooms but provide for the right mood, conducive to the activities that you undertake there. The various textures, sizes, colors and designs in which their carpet tiles come are nearly infinite in variety and will certainly answer whatever requirements your most exacting commercial standards may have.

Finally, the support they give to their customers continues for any technical difficulties or setbacks that may be experienced after purchasing their tiles. Their technical people are equipped with all the tools necessary. The speediest solutions will be resorted to, in the soonest possible time, in order to restore your carpets to their original state and not to inconvenience you longer than need be.

So whether you are an engineer, an architect or a businessman interest in carpet tiles for yourself or for your project, Paragon Carpets will be your best and safest choice for furnishing environment friendly tiles that are distinctive in design, updated in conception and unexcelled in quality.

About us:

Paragon Carpets is a leading manufacturer of commercial carpet tiles which has set its focus on environmentally friendly products. Along this line it makes sure that, not only does the manufacturing process involved in creating their products adhere to stringent measures to prevent pollution, but also, their products themselves constitute the least risk to health and environment by way of chemical emissions. They are currently offering the latest technology gadgets for free for special purchase conditions that are made at their web site.

Website: http://www.paragon-carpets.co.uk/

Email: sales@paragon-carpets.co.uk

Phone: 440 1709 763 839 

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