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Parade Handmade is a Brand New Online Outlet for Handmade Gifts From the West of Ireland

Press Release: October 23, 2019

Parade Handmade is a new online business started by Amanda Coen. It stocks work by different suppliers working in the west of Ireland and some further afield. There is great quality and variety. Many items are unique and never to be repeated. That is what makes handmade products so special.

Ireland., October 19, 2019 -- Parade Handmade is a vibrant and unusual treasury of quirky and unique gift ideas by various artisans and artists based in the West of Ireland. The collections are curated by creator and CEO of Parade Handmade, Amanda Coen.

The wonderful collections are truly off-beat and it helps to have a healthy appreciation for quirky things and a love of imaginative creative discovery to 'get' Parade Handmade. There are many sections to delve into on the site and each one is a pleasure to behold because of it's freshness, uniqueness and diversity. Another great thing is, Parade Handmade portrays regular people and not professional models in all of the promotional images. 'Everybody is their own variety of gorgeous and everybody can buy the products!', says Amanda.

Among the traditional homespun creations such as Aran wooly hats , scarves and socks, by Shoreline and Jo's Knits, there are various off-beat styles in a variety of colours. There are quirky handbags, totes and clutches which would definitely help one stand out from the crowd, also by Shoreline and wonderful unique funky felt hats and accessories, by Parade Handmade. Amanda says, 'I'm always glad to observe the creativity of suppliers or to be 'let in' on a new development. One never knows what mad and wonderful ideas they're going to come up with next. It's very exciting.'

There are very few items repeated here so the product is truly unique and rare these days. If one likes it and wants it, one had better be quick about it because there may be no other like it. That is the beauty of Parade Handmade. It exemplifies the life of the individual style of living as opposed to the style of the 'dedicated follower of fashion'.

Parade Handmade seems to revel in individuality as it celebrates and champions the small producer and the natural creative rhythms and cycles expected in such a life. It has it's own unique rhythm. Not necessarily seasonal though, the seasons are noted by some. When one artisan is busy unfolding and presenting their latest offerings the other can be having a seemingly relatively quiet time. However, they are usually busily and passionately developing their next collection behind the scenes.

Check out the patchwork section by Sew What's New, Kurilla Pottery, the beautiful art by Nuala Brett-King and Noreen Sadler, quirky little creatures by Ditsy Designs, fun and colorful designs for children by JaDa Crafts Ireland, Lapanda Designs Jewelery and much more. The collections are always exciting and ever evolving by the look of things, so keep checking and as Amanda says, 'Enjoying craft is like playing outside, utterly freeing.'

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