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PaperTrue at 6: A story of our journey.

Press Release: April 22, 2020

Earlier this month, PaperTrue celebrated its 6th Foundation Day! The past 6 years in our offices have been wonderful. But where would we all be if not for the support of all you talented writers and students that we work with? Some of you have been with us for years, some of you for a shorter time. No matter the time, you are a huge part of the PaperTrue family. So it makes sense that you should know the whole journey, right? Read below to know the PaperTrue origin story in its entirety!

The beginning of it all
It all began many many years ago when a young Rishi Raj was in the final year of his undergraduate education. Like most people at that point in their lives, he was preparing his resume to present to recruiters in the job placement campaigns at his university. He sought his friend’s help to ensure that his grammar was on track. Little did he know that he’d get back the resume with more errors.

This incident led to the epiphany that STEM students are more vulnerable to the perils of grammatical mistakes than he thought. If something as simple as grammar couldn’t be taken care of in one of the country’s most prestigious engineering universities, then how widespread was the problem?

He decided that day that he wanted to be a part of the solution. He decided that there was a need for more editors and proofreaders to better the overall production of quality English language writing.

It wouldn’t be until after a few years of working in the corporate sector (yes, he got the job!) that he would start thinking about this again.

But like most grand ideas, it takes more than a one-man army to execute.

Fortunately, for our tale there were three other people – at that point, spread across the world – who had similar ideas for the world. Neha Vaidya, Meghana Dharap, and Manish Keswani. Between the four of them, the combination of all their professional skills was deadly. Neha and Rishi had dedicated entrepreneurial acumen, Meghana was the language expert, and Manish was (as he likes to put it) the “sales guy”.

The ambitious team immediately put their skills to establish PaperTrue. In the 6 years since the company began, a lot has happened. PaperTrue has had its high and low moments, no doubt. But we have also grown.

PaperTrue’s journey: A short timeline
Team size: the original 4 plus an intern.

Audience: students and writers in the UK.

The standard turnaround time for a submitted document was 24 or 48 hrs.
The new operation was still finding ways to increase effectiveness. Being a small team, the five had to multitask a lot.

Team size: 15
Audience: UK and USA

2015 gave PaperTrue its first milestones of growth. The operation expanded to 15 people, which also allowed us to increase our turnaround time. PaperTrue introduces express turnaround time.

Team size: 25.
Audience: global (sans China.)

In order to ensure top-notch quality, PaperTrue adds an extensive classroom training process for new recruits.

Team size: 60.
Audience: Global (sans China.)

PaperTrue adds an extra tier of dedicated reviewers to improve the consistency and quality of work.
Adds 12-hour turnarounds.
Started offering pre-publishing services on an on-demand basis.
Plagiarism check available on the PaperTrue
Team size: 100
Audience: Global, with a game plan to tap into China.

2018 was an important year for PaperTrue. We realized that editing and proofreading was only part of what it takes to achieve a well-written paper or book. So, what’s the solution? BestAdmit and TrulySet.

Introduced Work Allocation Tests to ensure that the right documents go to the right editor.
BestAdmit website launched in September
TrulySet website launched in October
The groundwork laid for marketing in China
Team size: 100
Audience: Global.

Managing editors added to streamline quality chacks and delivery process
The introduction of a new OMS (Order Management System) for improving order management and improving the productivity of the team
Updated website speed to accelerate orders and cater to custom orders with more ease.
Late 2019: PaperTrue finally enters China. Initiates both online and offline sales in the region.

2020 – The Year Ahead
So far, PaperTrue has been actively engaging with individuals around the world to achieve better quality English writing. However, this year, we have also been looking to establish tie-ups with corporates to elevate the quality of English writing, especially in regions with ESL speakers.

Our recent expansion into China is with this goal in mind. In our partnerships with entities such as peer-reviewed journals and translation agencies, the goal is to make it one step easier for ESL writers and students to have access to quality editing and proofreading resources. In addition, collaborations with Chinese businesses and manufacturers ensure that their user manuals, marketing material, etc, are ready for a global audience.

PaperTrue, for the last 6 years, has been dedicatedly working towards making English language/writing resources more accessible. With offices currently in India, USA, UK, and Singapore, we are currently branching out to set up offices in China and Europe

Notes to editors

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