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Panorama Kitchens Liverpool: Kitchen Feng Shui Can Bring Good Luck to Your Home

Press Release: February 23, 2010

According to Feng Shui experts, the kitchen is the most important centre in your home behind the entrance to the home itself. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it links health and wealth: a well-nourished person is healthier and more effective, and so more likely to be prosperous.

The art of Feng Shui supposedly creates balance and harmony in your environment. Altering the interior design, decor and layout of your home in accordance with Feng Shui is said to promote the positive flow of energy known as qi (pronounced chee), and bring with it good luck and fortune.

Feng shui expert Paul Ng lists a number of tips for bringing good energy to your kitchen:

The kitchen should be one-fifth the size of the house. Is yours too big? Carve out a breakfast nook or install an island. Too small? Remove a wall to create an open concept. Even a mirror helps, Ng says.

When entering the house, one should not see the kitchen. An inexpensive remedy: hang a door with glazed glass to block the view but still let in light. The stove, representing the preparation of food and prosperity, is the most important appliance. It should face south, east or southeast. The stove burners should be used equally. Ng says this represents money from multiple sources.

It's best to keep the sink and stove at right angles. If they are along the same side, keep them three feet apart and put a green plant between them. They should never be adjacent symbolic of a conflict between water and fire. The worst scenario, however, is having them directly opposite each other. Ng says this promotes frequent arguments between spouses. Keep countertops free of clutter and don't cram cupboards full. This disrupts the qi in the kitchen.
A fruit bowl symbolizes health and abundance as long as the fruit is not overripe or spoiled. Ng also keeps a bowl of nuts on the counter, particularly walnuts because they are shaped like little brains.

Peach (a fire/earth tone) and pale green (a wood tone) are the best colours for a kitchen. Dark hues are the worst. Black, dark blue and grey are water colours that "put out" fire (symbolizing cooking), Ng says. Taupe and red also create bad vibes. For the decor, opt for peaceful pictures of food or nature. Add green plants such as jade or rubber plants, or vases of fresh flowers.

However you wish to design and layout your kitchen, the top quality designers from Liverpool-based company Panorama Kitchens can create a kitchen specifically for your needs, and help turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

With two showrooms in Liverpool and the Wirral, Panorama Kitchens have been supplying high quality kitchens to retail and trade customers throughout the UK for over 30 years. Our craftsmen will build a bespoke kitchen to meet your exact needs, then our expert installers, electricians and plumbers will personally fit your kitchen to your specifications.

Panorama has been involved in many prestigious developments in Liverpool city centre, including the 25-storey Princess Dock complex and the Jurys Inn Hotel, located near the Liverpool Echo Arena in Kings Dock, and the brand new Hilton Hotel in Liverpool One.

For more information about Panorama Kitchens, or to browse their online portfolio of kitchens and fittings, visit the Panorama Kitchens website at http://www.panoramakitchens.co.uk/

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