Press Release: April 14, 2010

New research commissioned by one of the UKs leading online independent travel agents of 2,634 men aged 18-30 has looked into attitudes towards holidaying during the World Cup.

http://www.sunshine.co.uk wanted to run the poll after noticing an increasing amount of enquiries in the run up to the World Cup as to whether or not the resort they would be staying in would be showing the matches. Of the men polled, 27% already have a holiday abroad booked for this year and 31% are planning to book one.

Of those who are or are potentially going away this year, 62% said they wanted to watch the World Cup and more than 1 in 3, 36%, of those abroad at the time of the competition said they would be checking whether their hotel, resort or somewhere in the surrounding area would be showing the games. Nearly half, 49%, said they felt anxious at the thought of missing a match that they wanted to see.

14% said they were using the World Cup as an excuse to go abroad, admitting the warm weather made for nicer surroundings to enjoy the game in. Only 8% said they would rather have stayed home during the World Cup, whilst 22% admitted it was their partner that had persuaded them to go away.

The study by http://www.sunshine.co.uk also found that 12% had contacted their hotel to check what other nationalities were going to be staying there during the World Cup and nearly a quarter, 23%, said they would rather check in to a hotel with more English guests, to avoid a clash over the match results.

54% said they would prioritise watching a World Cup match over any other activities on holiday.

Chris Brown, co-founder of http://www.sunshine.co.uk, commented on the findings;

After already looking into womens opinions of the World Cup and finding how a large number planned to go on holiday to avoid the game, we wanted to hear more from men about their thoughts on the subject.

Judging by the research results and the number of panicked enquiries we have had at sunshine.co.uk, its clear that many men are worried about missing out if the go abroad whilst the World Cup is on. Luckily, its given away in the name that the World Cup is a widely appreciated game, so I dont think theres any danger of people not being able to find somewhere to watch the match on holiday.

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Sunshine.co.uk is the UKs leading online independent travel agent and was founded by Chris Brown and Chris Clarkson, the same people behind Holiday Watchdog which was bought by TripAdvisor in February 2008 for an undisclosed amount of money. Sunshine.co.uk offers low cost holidays and budget flights to destinations all over the world as well as great deals and discounted hotels.

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