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Panama Relocation Tours Garners Excellent Feedback

Press Release: April 21, 2016

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc., a Panama tour company that provides tours designed for relocation and retirement planning, is pleased to feature their testimonials page which contains feedback from tour guests.

As part of its 5th-year celebration of relocation and retirement tours, Panama Relocation Tours, Inc., is pleased to feature the testimonials page on their official website. There, readers will see various testimonials from tour guests since the company started operating in 2011. Guests have varying insights but all seem to agree that the Panama Relocation Tours are well planned and executed by Ms. Jackie Lange and her team.

Known as the “sovereign lady” of the Panama Relocation Tours, Ms. Jackie Lange is the founder, owner and general manager of the said company. According to her guests, Jackie is the heart and soul of the Panama Relocation Tours because of her dedication, passion and commitment in providing tours that show what living in Panama is like.

Chet and Ruthann, participants of the March 2016 tour, thank Jackie and her daughter, Melissa, for their valuable assistance. “Jackie is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She keeps everyone on schedule and presents an objective view for the future of a life in Panama!!”

Arthur Pate Jr., from Cincinnati, Ohio, also has good words for Jackie. “I highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in exploring places to retire outside of the US. Kudos to Jackie & Melissa Lange who did an outstanding job in organizing and executing this tour! Initially, I am seriously considering a seasonal retirement in Panama.”

Laura Kasparian, a January 2016 tour participant, talks about her Panama Relocation Tour experience with a smile. “Accommodations are great, the tour bus is very comfortable, the food is awesome, and on top of that, you have Jackie giving you all the information you need to make a move to Panama. And even if Jackie is not able to answer a question for you, she surely knows someone that can. Her knowledge about Panama and finances is extraordinary!! To this day, I am still in contact with her on a regular basis asking questions and she is always getting back to me right away with the answers I need. Even if you decide Panama is not for you, the tour is an eye-opener about Panama, lots of fun, and you get to meet people from all over the world. Highly recommended!!”

“The testimonials page of our website is like the Panama Relocation Tour travelogue”, says Jackie. “The page contains real testimonials from people who have been part of our relocation tours all these years. I’ve posted there the letters that I’ve received as well as photos taken during our tours. Looking at that page of our site actually brings back a lot of good memories”, Jackie further states.

The testimonials page of the Panama Relocation Tours official website contains real letters, well wishes and testimonials from the very people who have joined and experienced the Panama Relocation Tours. The stories of these real people are the driving force of the company. Jackie says that reading these letters and looking at the photos give her a sense of fulfillment at the end of a working day. To view the rest of the testimonials, interested parties may visit the official website of the Panama Relocation Tours.

About Panama Relocation Tours, Inc.

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. is the brainchild of Jackie Lange, an American real estate entrepreneur who moved to Panama in 2010. The company was the proponent of the one of a kind Panama tours designed for relocation and retirement planning. Jackie fell in love with Panama’s inexpensive yet comfortable way of life. Now, she brings Panama Relocation Tours that are focused on showing the real Panamanian lifestyle available to retirees. Jackie’s Panama tours offer an objective, informative view of real Panama living.

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