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Ozone Generators Seen as Citizens’ Best Bet against Rain Water Damage

Press Release: September 08, 2015

The June flash floods in Ohio have already caused enough damage to the nation and have resulted in the loss of many lives and millions worth of property damage. Most recently, Florida began receiving heavy rainfall leading to flooding of low lying areas.

The situation is so dire that Florida Governor, Rick Scott, has declared a state of emergency in five counties. And although the rain has stopped and the flooding is subsiding, property owners are now being faced with a more menacing situation; that of mold and fungus formation. With flooded basements, damp attics, and water stagnating in various crawlspaces, the current living conditions of the affected regions are resembling those of third world countries.

While home and property owners are doing their best to rid their residences of stagnating water, that’s only the beginning of their worries. As citizens are still reeling from the effects of the flash floods, most are completely overlooking the fact that the damp and moist conditions left by the flood have created the perfect breeding ground for mold. The worst part is that once the bacteria settles and even a single spore contaminates an area, it will multiply by the billions in a matter of a few hours.

Not only is mold unsightly, but can be toxic for those suffering from allergies or other sensitivities, wreaking havoc on their health. Mold also causes structural instability, particularly in wooden buildings, making it risky for those living in them. There have already been numerous cases of families with mold in and around their homes rushing to the hospital with loved ones who are complaining of breathing difficulties, or respiratory problems like aggravated asthma, fever, and so on.

With so much going on, there seems to be no permanent solution to the growing mold menace, except for one highly innovative approach from Bio3Blaster. The company, which makes a range of ozone generators, has come to the rescue of many households by offering them a way to completely remove molds from every nook and corner that they could be growing in.

Mold is a problem in today’s damp or wet environments. Molds & mildew are the number one causes of allergic symptoms. Many harmful types of mold & fungus can be found worldwide. they grow in high-cellulose material, such as wood straw, hay, wet leaves, dry wall, carpets, wall papers, fiber-boards, some ceiling tiles, insulation, and more. This types are wet and may be slimy to the touch. These dangerous molds grows in medium to high humidity (55 % +). Even when dry, this type of mold can causes respiratory problems. Using a BiO3-Blaster™ ozone generator, you can help reduce, control and many times eliminate mold growth in your business and home.

The biggest advantage lies with the fact that not only can the Bio3Blaster ozone generator remove the unsightly mold from an area, but it eliminates any kind of fungus, bacteria, dust, as well as bad odors from the environment.

About the Company: Founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bio3Blaster Ozone Generators have been manufacturing world class ozone generators for commercial, home, air, & water since 2009. The company builds customized ozone equipment for a variety of specific uses. Ozone blasters are a very effective and economical method of removing odors, just make sure that the building is completely vacant during the procedure.

Contact: Visit www.ozonegenerator20000.com or industrialozone@gmail.com call 800-240-8514 Oxyzone Enterprises c/o 4456 North Abbe Road, Sheffield Village, Ohio. The All Natural DIY Mold Removal system offers a high powered yet holistic way of dealing with odor and mold removal (treatment). With pioneering inventions like the Ozone Tornado and Ozone Tunnel technologies, these ozone generators provide one of the easiest ways to deal with mold infestations.

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