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Press Release: July 29, 2020

https://www.123nextfullmoon.com/ was created in the year 2018 with a sole purpose to provide information on the dates of the full moon and new moons. Since then, the website is publishing full moon dates, new moon dates, and blue moon dates with exact timings for the current year. The website is purely informative and is not promoting any kind of superstitions and myths related to the full moons.

Many countries are following lunar calendar in the world including India, China, and Brazil. The full moons and new moons have very special importance in the lunar calendar. Many festivals are celebrated all across the world during full moon around the autumn equinox. The full moons are known by different names in different parts of the world. The website also throws light on these moon names and different moon phases like waning gibbous and waxing gibbous.

We are also tried to cover information on some festivals related to the seasons and full moons. Some of them are strawberry festival or mid-summer festival, and mid-autumn festival. Moon is our nearest celestial object and is attracting mankind since ancient times. Astronomers, astrologers, and common man are equally interested in knowing about the moon and its phases. As said before, we do not promote any myths related to the effects of full moons on the human mind. We try our best to provide timings and date of the full moons of the running year.

Users can browse our website to know the date and time of the new moon and full moon of the different months. For the best convenience of the users, we have published full moon dates of different months by separate posts. Moreover, we have also provided a full moon schedule for the year 2020 and 2021 for a glance to all the full moon dates of the entire year.  

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