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Over 11,000 meals donated to dogs in need

Press Release: January 27, 2021

Social enterprise Bradshaw’s Dog Food donated the equivalent of 11,422 daily meals in just 5 months – with customers selecting where each donation would be sent.
In a different approach to normal dog food companies, Bradshaw’s has been set up to create a way of giving as per the customers wishes. Rather than holding back some of the profits to pay for donations it allows the buyer to select the charity it donates 100% of the profits too when they purchase.
Set up by business man, animal lover Ian Rea when looking to donate to the dog rescue that he had his own dog 7 years ago. Ian realised that people donating were probably buying for their own dogs too but were donating a lower quality food to be able to provide in the bulk quantities that are needed for rescue centres.
1 Dog at a Time is one of the 13 charities to have benefited from the creation of this new social enterprise.  Jayne Sully, founder of 1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK said “Rescue centres have had, like all charities, a really difficult time over the last 10 months.  All our normal fundraising efforts have been put on hold probably until the summer of 2021 at the earliest.  To know that we have a regular donation coming to us it such relief.  Our supporters have selected us to receive these donations at no cost to them and it is great to receive the messages of support” 
Another charity has commented on the high food quality noticing a difference in the skin and cost of dogs in their care.
Ian Rea added “when feeding my own dog, I always check that the meat quality is high and with no cereals, I know rescue centres normally receive quantity over quality and I wanted to see that change happen. Bradshaw’s Dog Food initial investment was my own ‘donation’, but the donations come from the loyal supporters to the rescue centres – it is truly a sustainable way to give something extra whilst feeding you own”

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