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Over £100m up for grabs at latest Virtualnonexecs Investing Non-Exec event

Press Release: November 15, 2021

Hosted virtually, Virtualnonexecs.com’s Investing Non-Executive Director event welcomed more than 100 attendees from their non-executive membership, as well as some of the UK’s leading advisory firms, PE Houses and Venture Capital investors.
Hosted by Michael Mateer, the event followed October’s inaugural event.  Mateer says “The attendance and resounding success of the event is largely down to the strength of the Virtualnonexecs community.  From day one, we have run the community with a focus on social impact and a part of that is attributable to the willingness of members to collaborate and invest in various businesses where they bring expertise, board advice and of course, industry connections.”
Gary Cain, Head of Reach Commercial Finance, a long-time supporter and corporate sponsor of Virtualnonexecs commented, “It is a great event, putting innovation and community collaboration at the very fore. To see so many highly connected non-executives offering advice and of course funding to the companies is refreshing and uplifting.”
Last month, CEO and Founder, Ian Wright announced the business had onboarded over 12,000 members since launch in 2019 and was eyeing up expansion in the USA from early 2022.  Wright said, “What we have built is a community of expertise, connections and support; they look out for each other and actively promote each other to boards where there is a need for non-executive directors.”
He went on to say, “Since inception, we estimate that we may have connected over 2000 companies with non-executive directors and board advisors. If you consider that the average fee charged by head-hunters exceeds £25,000, we could easily have saved SME businesses over £50,000,000 in recruitment fees.  By removing the heavy cost of recruitment, we have dramatically increased the connectivity between expert board advisors and owner managers; that can only be a positive, surely.”
Virtualnonexecs is a community based, peer-2-peer non-executive director platform  with over 12,000 members advising 20,000+ boardrooms.
To join, visit https://virtualnonexecs.com/join

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