Press Release: March 19, 2010

Lemon Interactive, today announced the results of a survey of top design and development agencies within the UK and US whose core business is not SEO. The questions asked of the agencies were around their clients desire to take on SEO services for their businesses. The agencies were also asked how ready they felt to set up an SEO practice as apposed to outsourcing it.

Symbiotic, launched earlier this year, is the name Lemon Interactives outsourced SEO offering. Having recently agreed an extensive SEO Package with a substantial US based Web Design Agency using their Symbiotic Product, Lemon Interactive are learning a useful lesson around brand management and outsourcing.

Paul Sagoo, Director of Lemon Group, parent company of Lemon Interactive, said, On the one hand, you want to publicly celebrate the fact that Symbiotic works, delivers value and that Lemon Interactive is behind it. But, on the other hand, your client does not want the fact that they have outsourced a function of their business and are retaining significantly more Margin as a result. For Lemon Interactive, the benefits of invisibly supporting our partners far outstrips that of end client reference ability in this instance and we now accept that being effective behind the scenes can be just as profitable as standing front and centre in some circumstances.

Paul continued, Our clients are earning significant revenues on the back of outsourcing SEO services and they like the fact that they can build long term relationships with their clients as a result. This is a solution that will continue to grow as more and more SEO companies start up to take advantage of this growing market
Check out Symbiotic and whether it could work for your agency http://www.slideshare.net/LemonInteractive/lemon-interactive-symbiotic-v15,

About Lemon Interactive
Lemon Interactive is a global technology services and outsourcing company. Lemon Interactive collaborates with its clients and partners to help them achieve their objectives for the long term. Lemon Interactive are headquartered in the UK with a major development centre in India. For more information on Symbiotic, please visitwww.lemoninteractive.co.uk. Please direct all press enquiries to press@lemoninteractive.com. Lemon Interactive is part of Lemon Group International Ltd (www.lemongroup.com

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