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Outdoor Office Day 2020

Press Release: June 23, 2020

Outdoor Office Day 2020!




Washington, D.C. -  On Tuesday, June 23, Netwalking® LLC, in collaboration with Nature Desks,  will host Outdoor Office Day 2020beginning at the Josephine Butler Parks Center (2437 15th St NW) to promote the benefits of working outdoors and connecting with others through walks.  The highlight of the event will be the planned Netwalk with Steve Coleman, Executive Director and President for Washington Parks and People, discussing the Past, Present, and Future of nearby Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park. The event is part of our ongoing efforts to inspire happy, healthy work habits and to generate meaningful connections through walking. The event is free and open to the public. More information available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/outdoor-office-day-dc-tickets-110168739666.


WHO: Remote interviews are available with the Netwalking® founder Jessica Tunon and Netwalking Leaders.  Steve Coleman is the Executive Director and President of Washington Parks and People, and under his leadership, WPP transformed Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park from one of the city’s most violent parks to one of its safest. Instagram @washingtonparksandpeople. 


WHERE: Begins at Josephine Butler Parks Center, across the street from Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park – inside accessibility entrance for the Park at 15th Street NW & Euclid Street NW. For an accessible entrance to the Parks Center, please use the back entrance.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 23rd from 11:00AM EST until 2:00PM EST.  Steve Coleman’s “Past, Present, and Future of Malcolm X/ Meridian Hill Park” Netwalk will run from 12:15PM EST to 1:00PM EST.     


Note to television and radio reporters, assignment editors, and producers: For a television or radio interview opportunity, please contact Jessica Tunon at 571-969-5988 or by email at jessica@netwalkglobal.com.



Netwalking®, a woman owned social impact D.C. based company that is reinventing the way we hold meetings in order to boost our mental, social and physical health -- by walking. The connection between wandering feet and a productive brain is so strong and so long-lasting. To be most effective, energetic, productive and every moment as possible that’s Netwalking. We want our time to be as rewarding, energy-boosting, and enjoyable as possible. We have created a proven process with 100s of testimonials that once you Netwalk you will feel happier, healthier and more connected to your internal and external community. Netwalking helps you get people fired up by an idea, engaged and excited to work. We create the groundwork for leadership and health and wellness practices to take root and become part of the organization and event’s culture. We support you in making long-lasting positive impact on our own lives, the community and the environment. All fitness levels can participate with the outcome of receiving some of the more than 40 benefits of walking including happiness, lower stress levels, improved memory, creativity, and weight loss. For more information, visit: https://netwalkglobal.com/ and @netwalk.ing.


ABOUT Outdoor Office Day

Sponsored by Nature Desks, Outdoor Office Day is an initiative that works to connect nature, work, and personal health and wellness through a designated day to work outside.  Nature Desks and Outdoor Office day each seek to redesign the way we work and our relationships with our environment, all through working outside.  Whether you work in the city or the suburbs, join Nature Desks and Netwalking, and participate in Outdoor Office Day 2020! 

ABOUT Washington Parks and People

Founded by a number of community and park leaders and organizations nearly 25 years ago, Washington Parks and People led the transformation of Malcom X/Meridian Hill Park from one of the capital’s most violent parks to one of its safest.  WPP leads green initiatives across the city, and fights to provide low-income neighborhoods and communities with parks and greenspaces.  In part due to WPP’s efforts with the city’s parks, the Parkscore ranking system rated DC as the #2 city in the nation for parks.     


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