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Out of The Wild: A Multi Medium Exploration into Representations of The Natural World -

Press Release: February 05, 2021

 Featuring: Aspencrow, Nikolina Petolas, Harry Skeggs, Alice Zilberberg, Giulia Ronchetti,  Giacomo Giannelli, Khotan Fernandez, Barbara Nati, and Alice de Kruijs, 

Opening February 10 - April 10, 2021 

Coming from the position that a creative serves as a witness and prophet it is not surprising that more and more artists are drawing attention to the condition of our shared environment - the natural world. In this exhibition we are looking across the mediums learning and listening to what the artists are telling us; that although we may be the dominant species, we do not inhabit this planet alone, nor can we survive it alone - as is clearly seen in this pandemic, rising sea levels, and the increasing threat to the natural world that may leave us without the air we all need and share to survive. Through this exhibition, the viewer will encounter idealized imaginations of animals in places of meditation, of animals roving and resting in their reduced habitats, of landscapes real and imagined, of scenarios of outer worldly realities and beasts imagined, mythological, and real. The purpose of these works and the exhibition serve as a gentle reminder of where we are, of the beauty found in all living elements, wether they be animal or landscape and the importance of our uniting in planes of respect for one another and for those with those with whom or what, we share this beautiful place we call Earth.

Each artist in the exhibition presents his or her concern through differing mediums and narratives. For example, Aspencrow in creating the sculptures found in the exhibition looks back to a state of innocence and feel good interpretations, but in truth the focus of the work is the endangered and perilous condition of the habitat and life of the polar bear - this concern is compounded in that a percentage of all sales goes to support and protect these majestic giants. Nikolina Petolas in her digital compositions draws attention to how we alter the world of the wild by bringing the wild into our homes, taking over spaces and habits, drawing attention how out of place we are in the natural world, forcing it to tame itself to consumerism. Harry Skeggs who also donates a percentage of all his sales to charities to protect animals, is one of the few wildlife photographers who waits to be accepted by his wild and regal subjects, not interfering, herding or scaring the animals, and this is rewarded with moments where big cats are resting, yawing or just looking out to the horizon in the security that his shot will not endanger them. Alice Zilberberg arranges vignettes of animals in different and dreamy landscapes offering the viewer the opportunity to enjoy and muse on the animals finding both comfort and surety from creatures not distracted by our daily sensory overload. Dwelling in the mythical, Giulia Ronchetti, a skilled and detailed artist of pen and ink, shifts to textile and thread creating compositions still referencing the mythological and symbolic, stitches the integral beauty of all animals encapsulated in her embroidery ring. Giacomo Giannelli using dark shadows releases his goats from the paddock and glorifies the angles and curves of the animal highlighting the natural beauty and play of light as it bounces off the animal. Khotan Fernandez humanizes the apes and monkeys of the world, our closest biological “cousin” drawing attention to this and that all animals, wether ‘savage’ or civil are wrought with emotion. Barbara Nati presents us with an other world scenario, though alien, it is presented as a world that does still show a natural world, but one where nature has taken back its dominance, but void of human, or animal life. Lastly, Alice de Kruijs through her winter and barren landscapes reminds us that everything is cyclical - and though now it may be winter, both literally and metaphorically - rebirth is on its way - we just need to wait and not cause anymore damage.

The Contemporary Art Modern Project, (The CAMP), focuses on bringing exposure to the artist, without exposing the artist to exploitive practices rampant in the art world. Also part and parcel of this new venture is The Camp Gang, who through their own unique and creative insight add to the fresh approach of marrying the online world with the traditional art world. Our goals are to create collaborative relationships with the artist and the collector through partnering with online giants to increase exposure, to creating and curating unique and innovative pop up exhibitions, both physical and virtual. We aim and strive to make connections and relationships between ourselves, the artist and both the collector and the public, thereby removing the curtain that distances connection. The CAMP’s entire modus operandi is to: protect art, the artist, to keep them in the realm of their art and vision as it is always the art that matters. 

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