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Orissa Cosmetics 1st Birthday

Press Release: January 11, 2010

Having flourished in the most demanding of economic times, the founding directors have cause to celebrate an outstanding first year.

Founding director Mona Parekh said: Within the first few weeks of launching our online store (www.orissacosmetics.co.uk), we had such a surge in orders and enquiries we couldnt even keep up!

One customer said I love the way the foundation feels on my skin (very smooth) and it applies very clean

However, the first year has not been without difficulties. Due to an unexpected demand we quickly ran out of products leaving many customers waiting over two weeks for their orders and causing a major customer service disaster!

One year on, the directors have ironed out major teething problems and have kicked started 2010 with a re-vamped website, new shades and products.

To celebrate our birthday, Orissa Cosmetics are offering 10% off all orders throughout January 2010. Customers can claim their 10% discount by using the code birthday during checkout.



About Orissa Cosmetics
Orissa Cosmetics was launched in January 2009 by founding directors Bhimal Hira and Mona Parekh after extensive market research indicated that women with darker skin tones (including African, Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi) are under-represented by the UKs mainstream cosmetics industry.

The brand aims to plug this gap by providing carefully selected shades of mineral foundations, eye makeup, and blushers that dramatically enhance and perfectly match darker skin tones.

The entire range is hand-made using crushed natural earth minerals, contains a natural sun protection factor (SPF) 15-30 and is highly water and humid resistant.

Major challenges
Within the first few month of launching the online store (www.orissacosmetics.co.uk), it received approximately 250 customers ordering over 800 products, this is an achievement in itself; however it also brought major challenges.

As a start-up business, we did not anticipate any more than 300 products being sold within the first quarter, for that reason we only made enough products to meet this said Mona Parekh, founding director.

As orders came flooding in the stock quickly dried up, and the two week production time led to a major customer service disaster.
Many customers were waiting over two weeks for their orders; something the directors felt could make or break the new business.

Although some customers were unhappy about the wait and chose to cancel their order, there were also some that were happy to wait as long we kept them updated on their order.

The directors, Bhimal Hira and Mona Parekh are now confident all major teething problems have been ironed out and have kicked started 2010 with a re-vamped website, new shades and products.

Major achievements
Since the brands launch it has received excellent product feedback from customers and magazines all over the world.

MookyChick (www.mookychick.co.uk) reviewed some products and stated Orissa Mocha Foundation blended well into my skin. I know that for a fact, because I didn't believe Orissa could find a dark skin tone foundation that was right for me so I went outside in natural lighting (we all know that fluorescent lies).

Moreover, An Indians Makeup Blog (www.anindiansmakeupmusings.blogspot.com) stated the feel of the shadow though shimmery is silky and soft making it blend effortlessly.

One of the very first customers also said I love the way the foundation feels on my skin (very smooth) and it applies very clean.

Furthermore, the directors are very proud to have been nominated as a runner up in the Start-Up Business Awards by Precious Magazine in 2009.

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