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Organisational security and resilience in todays climate of extreme threats

Press Release: October 02, 2015

National Security and Resilience combines national security needs with an in-depth understanding of the design and implementation of resilience solutions. London sits at the epi-centre of knowledge and resilience and is recognised globally as a centre of excellence, notably in National Security and Resilience, where we lead the world.
The NS&R Conference will take place on 20th-21st October in the heart of London, bringing together a wealth of expertise which will entertain, inform and expand understanding. The leading conference programme is matched by its exceptional cast of speakers from across government and industry for one of the best programmes discussing organisational security and resilience.
The Importance of Organizational Resilience
Global turbulence is expected. Competition, instability and uncertainty are constants in a changing world. Organizations face an unprecedented and growing number of potential disruptions to the status quo and the best laid strategic plans. As history repeats itself, prominent organizations will fail unless modern risk management and governance models incorporate scalable resilience metrics.
To survive and prosper in this new environment of heightened uncertainty and change, organizations must move past traditional risk and governance models and focus instead on resilience. Resilience applies at all levels: national, regional, organizational and corporate.
Working collaboratively and cooperatively to provide unique, world-class security and resilience solutions in the face of increasing natural and man-made risks and threats to Governments, corporate organisations, major events, transport systems and critical national infrastructure.

The NS&R Conference will deliver the latest issues and threats facing government departments/agencies, corporations and businesses, and thought provoking discussions on strategies and innovations to ensure you and your organisation meet these changing challenges.

Ministerial Opening Keynote
The NSR Conference, chaired by former Statutory Deputy Mayor of London, Richard Barnes, will be opened by Adam Holloway MP, Public Administration Select Committee and former Defence Select Committee, and Tony Porter, Commissioner, Surveillance Camera Commission, Home Office.
The conference programme will then develop discussions to aid government departments and corporations to understand the emerging threats and organisations security and resilience challenges in todays changing environment of enhanced threats.

Outline Conference Programme

Sign of the Times – Impact of the Changing Threats
A review of the year from a national and corporate security perspective and a look at what’s around the corner. How have international events and changing threats made an impact on how we need to plan our national and corporate security operations, resilience and contingencies. What new and potential threats are around the corner that need to be considered for our security and contingency planning?

Safer Cities from the Corporate Context
Safer cities has been the recent buzz word, but what does this mean from a corporate perspective and how can we deliver a more resilient environment for corporate businesses?

IT and Cyber Threats and the Corporate Big Brother
Understanding the developing IT and cyber threats is key to enhancing cyber security protocols for any corporation or government department, but how do you protect your intellectual property and your personal data at home and abroad in today’s mobile and BYOD working environment? How can you identify and protect yourself against attack from other governments or boutique hackers? Understand how to implement a continuity process and protect your assets by examining your own current position, assess exposure to threats and formulate recommendations for enhancing your security.

Innovations in Security & Resilience
Security and resilience is led by the right strategy and planning, but greatly assisted by leading edge technologies to deliver the right levels. In a more connected society and increasing cyber attacks on our inter-connected society and businesses, what is the future in detecting, protecting, trusted communications and safety critical and security critical software?

Global Threat Secure Travel and Duty of Care
This session looks at the latest challenges and threats for employees working abroad. What is the latest legislation, techniques and solutions for what companies need to be doing to protect their employees, how to secure personnel, track personnel 24/7, provide secure communications and data protection, 24/7 support in the event of man made or natural disaster civil unrest, threat assessment, bribery and corruption, international law and business entities, kidnap hostage resolution and mitigation.

Internal Security Management, from the Insider Threat to the External Threat
Threats to our national security can come from various directions, including form within. Whether you are a government department, large or small commercial organisation, how can you manage your staff, in particular where staff travel or operate remotely, and the potential internal threat. In this session we look at how to recognise and identify such a threat through to how best to train staff to be advocates to the company and manage potential threats.

Organisational Resilience & Specialist Training
“Resilience is crucial for any organisation to survive and prosper. But what exactly is organisational resilience and how can it be improved?
The new standard BS 65000 provides clarity and guidance, describing the nature of resilience and ways to build and enhance resilience in your organisation.
BS 65000 defines organisational resilience as the ability to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to events – both sudden shocks and gradual change. That means being adaptable, competitive, agile and robust. It is essential to build resilience not only within an organisation but across networks and in partnership with others.”

Still Talking About the Olympic Legacy!
Despite the 2012 Olympic Games being 3 years ago the UK is still benefitting and leading the standards in organisational resilience, from corporations to government departments, and major events to national security. In this session we will look at the principles of organisational resilience and how to ustilise resilience planning to improve efficiency and efficacy. This will help support your strategic and corporate aspirations for enhanced business sustainability.

Key speakers within the conference programme include:
– Peter Yapp, Deputy Director Operations, CERT UK
– Phil Sherwood, Head of Volunteer/Workforce, Olympic Games
– Phil Luxford, Director Prepare Protect and CT Science OSCT, Home Office
– Tim Cutbill, Programme Lead, London Resilience
– Commander Wayne Chance, Commander Operations, City of London Police
– Mike Fuller MBE, Director for Global Resilience and advisor to National Olympic Security Coordination Centre
– Chris McIntosh, CEO, ViaSat UK
– Lee Thomas, European Training & Simulation Association
– Liam Morrissey, Chief Executive Officer, MS Risk
– Paul Sawyer, Managing Director, XIX Group

The NSR Conference will take place at Riverbank House in the city if London and further details, including the full conference programme, can be found at www.nsr-conference.co.uk.

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