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Organica Biotech Is Redefining Wastewater Treatment Through Innovation

Press Release: February 19, 2021

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies dedicated to developing sustainable and environment-friendly solutions. The team of scientists and professionals powered by the latest technologies and innovations have developed highly effective solutions in the past decade. 
Well known for its plethora of nature-based solutions in different fields like Agriculture, Aquaculture, Commercial Cleaning, Sanitation System, the company is redefining and transforming the way people perceive and use nature-based solutions. 
Efficient wastewater treatment is one of the major requirements of our time. It is important to prevent the environment and the human population from its drastic effects. Complex regulations and increasing costs are some of the challenges. Additionally, the malfunctioning of existing wastewater treatment systems is quite common today. The extensive generation of waste due to urbanization, rapid industrialization and growing population is the cause.
To overcome these challenges, Organica Biotech has used advanced microbial technology to develop a wide range of treatment solutions like Cleanmaxx, Cleanmaxx STP, Cleanmaxx ANB and other products to boost the performance of wastewater treatment plants. Organica Biotech products have helped a countless number of clients in maximizing the efficiency of aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment. 
Dr Ganesh Kamath, Director, Organica Biotech, said, “The relentless pursuit of perfection and innovation to develop eco-friendly and sustainable solutions has resulted in the company's success.”
On wastewater treatment solutions, he further added, “The wastewater treatment solutions have been a major focus for quite some time. The team has done an excellent job of developing these advanced solutions that help our clients. It is completely safe and easy to use for wastewater treatment problems. Our Bioclean range of wastewater treatment solutions is widely used in different parts of the world now. It is a truly incredible achievement.”
What’s more, the company continues to develop an impressive range of natural, environment-friendly and safe solutions. The latest launch being ThinkSafe - a completely natural and 100% safe cleaning solution for the toilet, kitchen and bathroom. The aim is to develop solutions that safeguard life for future generations.

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