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Orangetheory’s Guide to The Cleanest 1-Hour Workout

Press Release: July 27, 2020

Orangetheory Fitness is starting to reopen, and they are primed to deliver the best possible workout experience.


Orangetheory’s plan is comprehensive, to say the least. For members, may mean that things feel a bit different when they step into the studio. Class sizes might be smaller, waitlists may be full, and rowers, as well as treadmills, will be social distance compliant. The Orangetheory team have also implemented a range of stringent policies on disinfecting and cleaning to help keep all illnesses at bay, and while the in-studio experience is important, the safety of their members and staff takes precedence.


So, how are Orangetheory Fitness keeping their team and their members safe and healthy?


“The team at Orangetheory Fitness Derby & Altrincham has always placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of cleanliness and an organised studio, with members regularly cleaning down and tidying their own stations between workouts.” says Adam Busby, Regional Business Manager for Orangetheory Midlands & Northern England, “However, with the new viral threat of COVID-19,, our teams are striving to make our, ‘Best 1-Hour Group Workout in the Country’ also the ‘Cleanest 1-Hour Group Workout in the Country’.“


As part of their reopening plans, Orangetheory has created a series of guidelines to help their members stay healthy when they visit the studio, with the health and wellbeing of members taking precedence.


As with all places of business in the UK, Orangetheory is asking its members to refrain from attending, if they or anyone in their household have experienced symptoms or COVID-19, or if they have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive for the illness.


The Orangetheory studio will be regularly and professionally deep cleaned, whilst team members will clean the studio thoroughly each night, and between classes. Upon arrival at the studio, members will be asked to arrive no earlier than 5mnutes before their class is due to start in order to prevent a large congregation of people, and will be asked to form a socially distanced queue outside of the studio whilst a team member takes their temperature and asks them a series of health and safety-related questions.


However, expect there to be music and entertainment whilst members wait!

“Just because we can’t currently safely congregate, it doesn’t mean we can’t amp up members, ready for their workout!” says Adam.


The studio will also be initially operating with smaller class sizes to help to limit the potential chances of infection and to maintain control overcrowding and cleanliness. They have expanded their class timetable to accommodate demand.


The Orangetheory team will also partner with members to assist in keeping the studio a safe space, with members being provided with anti-bacterial wipes during the class to fully wipe down all of their equipment after use and hand sanitiser stations throughout the studio.


“We are very proud of the tight-knit fitness community we have with our members,” says Adam, “We are confident that our additional safety measures will help to keep members safe whilst they work out, improve their health and reach their goals in a fun, supportive environment.”


“We would love to invite anyone new to Orangetheory and are keen to try a complimentary class and see or new protocols, to get in touch!.”


For more information, visit www.orangetheory.com.


About Orangetheory
Orangetheory® (www.orangetheory.com) makes it simple to get more from your workout. One of the world's fastest-growing franchise companies, Orangetheory has developed a unique approach to fitness that blends a unique trifecta of science, coaching, and technology that work together seamlessly to elevate participants' heart rates to help burn more calories. Backed by the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), Orangetheory workouts incorporate endurance, strength, and power to generate the 'Orange Effect' – whereby participants keep burning calories for up to 36 hours after a 60-minute workout.


Orangetheory has over 1,200 studios worldwide and was ranked #60 in Inc. magazine's Fastest Growing Private Companies List.

At Orangetheory we believe that you deserve more from your workout.  It should transform you from the inside out. With technology to keep you on track and coaches that give you more tough love.

You want more results. More confidence. More community. And more energy. Because, the more you do at Orangetheory… the more you get out of life.

Orangetheory has two studios in Northern England location; Altrincham, Greater Manchester & Derby, Derbyshire, with more studios planned later this year. Try a complimentary class at www.otfaltrincham.co.uk/pr

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