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Orange and T-Mobile on way to get a new brand identity

Press Release: April 07, 2010

A lot of activities now can now be seen in the UK mobile market. Orange network and T-Mobile phones are now in the news. As per the reports, the name of the new merged venture has been unofficially revealed. The new brand identity is likely to be known as 'TOM', which is an acronym of T-Mobile Orange Mobile.

It is to be noted that the merger deal between these two operators took a long time due to the strong protests from the UK consumer groups. After the merger, both the operators are likely to form the biggest mobile player in the UK. At present, T-Mobile phones (http://www.bestcontractmobilephonedeals.co.uk/t_mobile.asp) is also busy with the launch of a complete new range of Android powered handsets for the phone users across the UK. The same is the case with Orange network which has plans to come out with a wide range of mobile phone deals.

After their tie-up in the month of April, both the entities will cease to exist. The entities will be retained for a period of 18 months. However, when it comes to their assets and brands, they are likely to be operated by the new trading company. The overall picture will be clearer in the coming few days. Till, the time one can only wait and watch!

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