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Opus Media offers amazing giveaway in celebration of their 10th anniversary

Press Release: March 24, 2022

Opus Media is a corporate video, photography and animation company that also specialises in distribution strategy. This year, the company is celebrating its 10th anniversary, the amazing team it has built and the connections it has made over the past decade. 

It started from the ground up and has already achieved so much in the space of 10 years. Opus Media has accomplished a lot with their clients through storytelling and working with clients to help them clearly communicate their message to attract new business. 

Owned by Paul Furlong, the business was started when Furlong had several years of experience in television but did not have any exposure to commercial advertising. Despite this, he was able to land a few local clients who have thrived as much as his business and helped it grow. In the first three years, Opus Media expanded by building its expertise working in software, legal, finance and the engineering fields.

As most fledgling companies do, they faced challenges in their early years. However, hard work and dedication over the years enabled the company to start landing larger clients like Subway. Their Subway ad was filmed across 4 locations in 6 hours with a full crew of 60 and a cast of 25. Opus Media has come a long way as a few years earlier, these types of productions were things they could only dream about in their infancy.

The company has also worked with numerous government organisations. Some of them include a council growth hub where their campaign was able to bring in over £1 billion in funding through the video campaign the company produced and distributed.

Furthermore, some of their most exciting projects have been TV productions. Opus Media has been able to hone their expertise and produce highly creative work due to their experience on Channel 4, BBC, and ITV. They also won a Royal Television Society award for Best Film for their film Obsession.

The last ten years since the company was started has been an awesome journey. The experience has helped everyone throughout their team and clients to develop. 

To show gratitude for their journey so far, and for everyone who has helped to get them here, the company are offering to give a free PR campaign to clients who book a shoot and pay their deposit in the month of April. This is their little way of thanking all their clients for their contribution to their success over the years.

Please contact Paul if you are interested in qualifying for the free campaign or working with them today.

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Paul Furlong

Tel: 0333 358 3335

Email: [email protected]

Visit the newsroom of: Opus Media