Home Opera by Francesco Pasi:
a collection of international appeal and impressive elegance

Opera by Francesco Pasi:
a collection of international appeal and impressive elegance

Press Release: November 18, 2016

The company founded by Francesco Pasi, synonymous with design in the finest Italian tradition, is gaining renown in the countries of interest and on developing international markets. Especially abroad, the Opera Collection, characterized by an exceptional selection of materials and fabrics, has had great success, highlighting the uniqueness and luxury denoted by furniture with the Made in Italy label.
The lounge and dining areas are clothed in luminous emotions expressed in glossy lacquers and a minimalist palette of white, black, and pale, natural colors. The bedrooms become exclusive with sinuous lines and precious details like the fine hand tailoring that creates geometrical textures. The bathroom is an important element of refined elegance in ivory with golden glints.
“The relief decoration that embellishes the surfaces in solid wood of our products is a real trademark of the company. It gives the pieces a refined trompe lʼoeil effect that creates a delicate play of light and shadow, animating the objects for an interior design that never goes unnoticed” remarks Francesco Pasi, owner of the Verona-based furniture company. “A particular feature of our collections is the eco-friendly water finish that protects and exalts the beauty of the wood, ensuring its non-toxicity and perfect conservation and upkeep” adds the company chairman.
The sophisticated style of Francesco Pasi embraces tradition with an ever watchful eye on the new trends with international appeal. An unmistakable sign of quality that gives innovative lines to some of the most refined homes in the world, through a philosophy that has been expressed in skilled craftsmanship and profound passion since 1975. Francesco Pasiʼs company has a solid foundation in Italy and abroad that enables it to maintain close ties with its clientele, particularly in Russia and the Eastern European countries, where it has a vast sales organization and numerous showrooms.

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