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Oodles.press: Reasonable Doubt

Press Release: February 09, 2016

We want to change the world by making news that is clear-cut and true.

Oodles.press is a unique project, where every user is allowed to participate in discovering, disclosing, and shaping alternative viewpoints. Each user can debate with others around the world in their own native language. The basic principle, and key concept, of the Oodles.press project is that “something does not emerge from nothing.”
This means that we:

• Will aggregate news from 500 sources around the globe in one place, creating a global news stream in multiple languages
• Will create a structure that allows each reader to find the most significant news relevant to their interests.
• Will provide cyber-journalists, user-reporters, and readers the tools to determine what is real, what should be kept, and what is worthy of attention.

We will allow users to decide what news is worthy of their trust and attention.

In today’s information-age society, our opinions are shaped by the mass media and the information that they present. With so many sources, it can be difficult to keep up and sort out what is real and what is just that outlet’s agenda.
Oodles.press is a powerful and independent tool for reflecting real events. We are not indifferent towards our world. Regardless of where we live on earth, we share the same home. Our team feels a high level of personal responsibility and Oodles.press is our contribution to the well-being of our world.

Oodles.press is a news aggregator, developed on the basis of a hybrid content generation model:
PGC – Provider-Generated Content
• 500 news sources from all around the globe
• 20 categories from Politics to Science to Healthcare
• A system for determining how the news is resonating across the internet

UGC – User-Generated Content
• A system of readers’ international interaction, with automated translation
• A user-reporter system so that new on-scene materials can be shared quickly
• A cyber-journalism system to provide professionals and amateurs
• a convenient toolset for publishing their own articles
• analyzing newsfeeds from various spots around the world
• establishing the degree of unrest caused by various events how fast the news travels across mass-media and social networks

Additional unique features
• Aggregation and evaluation of responses to the news across social networks
• News stream clustering and filtering
• Mobile application that monitors the key news related to your specified topics

The mobile application will monitor selected topics, adjust user settings, and provide alerts in a user-friendly interface.

We Need Your Help!
The project is at an advanced stage of development and we need your help so that oodles.press can make its contribution to the world and make the world a better and fairer place. Everyone is entitled to accurate news and information.

You can help us by doing one of the following:
- Make a contribution and receive a corresponding perk on Inddiegogo.com
- Share information with your friends and spread oodles to make it more recognizable
- Share with us your ideas and suggestions.
- Become a beta tester cyber-journalist.

Notes to editors

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