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ONPASSIVE: AI Solution for all businesses

Press Release: April 03, 2020



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future. There is not a single field where a task cannot be automated. You might disagree and say AI cannot be integrated to produce music or art. But in reality, it is already working for these fields. From Auto-tune to auto music production, AI is doing everything. A dull humming can be turned into a fully developed music to be used for videos and live recordings.


You must be thinking that this is an ONPASSIVE review, but why are we talking about AI? 


Well, the answer to this question you will find later here on updated ONPASSIVE Review 2020.


AI is already performing in the field of medicine, surgeries, sports analysis, weather forecasting, shopping, orders, and deliveries, etc. Everything touched by AI is becoming better, faster, and more reliable. Many big and small companies are investing in technologies to achieve automation as much as possible. 


To begin the ONPASSIVE review, let's start with knowing What Is ONPASSIVE?


ONPASSIVE is a trendsetting business solutions company that designs in-house business tools integrated with AI for hands-free business management. The company aims at leveraging a business with benefits of AI, such as cost reduction, faster and smooth operations, and useful decision-making abilities. Not only that. The company also empowers its members to earn with hands-off from your business. 


The answer is – ONPASSIVE's Compensation Plan, which we will discuss later in this ONPASSIVE review.


The company has formulated waves since the day it was launched back in July 2018 by Ash Mufareh, a visionary business owner who only believes in encouraging and supporting others to provide a better and financially secure life. He has a considerable amount of experience in online marketing and understands the expectations of business owners from their business. 


But before we move forward to the compensation plan, let's see in this ONPASSIVE review, how does ONPASSIVE work?


While going through the internet to collect information for this ONPASSIVE review, we've found that ONPASSIVE assists any business in the following ways:


  1. Automate Business Operations: With Artificial Intelligence (AI), ONPASSIVE offers multiple tools to transform a business into a self-operating task force. The complete automation takes away manual activities associated with recruitment, sales, and advertisements. It also means business owners can get more time to spend with family and personal interests. 


  1. Online Traffic: Less web traffic against expectations leads to many small companies get shut down than any other reason. Every organization today drives campaigns to pull more traffic to its website for sign-ups, brand awareness, or sales. ONPASSIVE can provide guaranteed free web traffic through its vast network of founders and customers. The marketing tools create remarkable content, blogs, and auto-generated advertisements to get more engagement and more traffic on the website. 


  1. Transform From Offline To Online Business: Only 1/4th of the world population offline today, including few business owners. The rest population is engaged online for entertainment, learning, and shopping. Most of the online businesses are creating leads through multiple social media websites like LinkedIn. If you or your company falls in the 1/4th offline population, then ONPASSIVE is the best choice to come online.


  1. AI-powered Tools: To witness success online, you need digital marketing services. ONPASSIVE furnishes your business with various tools for Email marketing, Video email, and marketing, Domain name registration, Web hosting, VPN, IP tracker, Website Builder, Marketing and Advertising, Many More.


"AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity."- Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, AI Oracle and Venture Capitalist, 2018.


There is no doubt in this that AI is the future technology though it's has been there for decades among us, but the only place we used to see AI is Sci-Fi movies or cartoon series. 


Let's move forward to the ONPASSIVE review with the compensation plan and how it works?


ONPASSIVE offers a 3 X 10 forced matrix with a very different and a unique auto-enrolling feature Spill-Over. So this structure allows only three members at the first level, followed by nine members in the second, 27 in the third, and it goes on till the tenth level. But if the person at the top-level enrolls more than three individuals, then next enrollees would fall in the open position underneath the level, which allows the person at that level earns out of enrolment done by someone else.


If you want to earn the commission with ONPASSIVE, you must have an active subscription for each package that you purchase. There are a total of 4 different types of packages that ONPASSIVE offers:


  • AFFILIATE Package: Cost $25 Matrix
  • PRO Package 1: Cost $125 Matrix
  • LEADER Package 1: Cost $250 Matrix
  • MASTER Package 1: Cost $500 Matrix


By default, a new affiliate member becomes a part of the AFFILIATE package. As a founder, you can also decide to purchase a higher package, but you will have to pay for all the packages underneath the more top packages. So if you are buying the MASTER package, you need to pay $900, instead of only $500. One shouldn't regard it as an extravagant plan for receiving residual income because the running pay-out in this package would be much higher than $900.


ONPASSIVE Review: Legit Or Scam

As I have o connection with the ONPASSIVE and even I am not trying to sell you any membership offer over here. This review is a genuine ONPASSIVE review, which I am providing for those business owners who might have been approached by someone close with this excellent opportunity to witness a never-seen-before business growth.


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