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Online Therapeutic Singing Lessons by Deborah Hudson

Press Release: June 07, 2020

Therapeutic singing is a great way to start singing if you’re a little nervous of getting going. Online therapeutic singing lessons work well if you are not in London, are housebound or just a bit shy. You may also find that you would like an introduction session on line first before coming to the studios. This is easily arranged.

Online classes and workshops with Deborah will help you to feel the body working well again. You'll find self-confidence, discover your own unique sound and become happy and comfortable expressing yourself with therapeutic singing lessons.

If you’ve been ill, stressed-out, down in the dumps or have had an accident, one-to-one online therapeutic singing classes can be a really positive way to rebuild physical, vocal and emotional confidence. You will also find out more about yourself and what makes you happy.

For online singing sessions, you need a good internet connection and access either to Skype, Zoom or even Whatsapp. She tends to use all three. If you have a mic that’s great but if not no worries. Just make sure you have the right Zoom / Skype settings and that you are at a place where you can make a noise and not worry too much about it. Just feel as free as possible to sing online with Deborah Hudson.

With therapeutic singing you don't need to have an audience. You don't need a platform. You don't need any apparatus or any special clothes.

You just need YOU.

Just drop her an email at deborah@singdeborahhudson.com or call her at 07905-731071 if you’d like to join her online singing lesson. Learn more details about her online singing therapeutic lessons here.

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