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Online gift store reflects Australian businesswoman’s love affair with Yorkshire and UK

Press Release: December 08, 2016

A tree change move to Yorkshire inspired Australian digital marketing entrepreneur Anne Wood’s new online personalised gift store, luxegiftstore.com.

The York-based business offers a range of affordable bespoke gifts that can be customised with heartwarming and sincere messages for a loved one, relative, friend or work colleague.

The Luxe Gift Store collection also offers gifts for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and special occasions.

Anne says moving from the busy metropolis of Sydney to a quiet village near York with her husband and two children became a driving force in setting up Luxe Gift Store.

“Yorkshire is such a special place to live in Britain. It has scenic countryside, great food, beautiful historic villages and market towns and thriving cottage industries creating products of the finest craftsmanship that cannot be sourced or made in other parts of the world, such as Australia.” says Anne.

“I was inspired to found Luxe Gift Store so I could showcase these British unique qualities of contemporary design and craftsmanship that make beautiful bespoke and affordable gifts that can be personalised with an initial, name or heartfelt message to make them even more unique…and a little gift of luxury for that special person in your life.” she says.

Anne, also the owner of a marketing and communication consultancy, explained the ‘luxury’ element of her collection is less about self indulgence and more about the craftsmanship and thought behind the gift.

“You are giving someone a gift that reflects the time, effort and thoughtfulness you have put in by personalising it.”

For further information about Luxe Gift Store including its Christmas range visit www.luxegiftstore.com

About Luxe Gift Store
Luxe Gift Store www.luxegiftstore.com is a York based online personalised gift store that provides that little gift of luxury for the people you care about in your life.

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