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Online Florists' Give Top Advice On Mother's Day

Press Release: March 01, 2010

Some of the UKs leading florists have given their top tips for making sure floral gifts for Mothers Day dont leave a bad smell in a survey by top online shopping directory www.shopsafe.co.uk.

Sons and daughters who live away from home and are unable to visit for Mothers Day have struggled with the problems of having flowers delivered on a Sunday for a long time, so www.shopsafe.co.uk asked the florists for their tips.

The florists, all of whom have an online presence listed on www.shopsafe.co.uk, argue that even if you choose a supplier who doesnt deliver on a Sunday, there is no need to worry about making an impact with your flowers.

Simon Crisp, director of www.shopsafe.co.uk said: As Mothers Day falls on Sunday, then many people will be wondering what to do about delivery, but we found that while some florists did deliver on a Sunday, there were plenty of tips for Saturday, or even Friday delivery.

Online ordering also makes comparing prices quicker and easier than sitting with a Yellow Pages and dialling number after number.

The florists tips were:

We can deliver on a Sunday, but make sure who you deliver to is home. Usually during the week customers will get flowers delivered to offices.
Dave Marshall, Clare Florist

Have them delivered on a Saturday then hand deliver them.
Nick Wilkinson, Interrose

Opt for the free six day a week delivery rather than the extra premium for delivery on a Sunday that other florists charge.
Mark Keating, Eden 4 Flowers

Don't waste money on extortionate Sunday delivery charges! Instead, have them delivered on the Saturday and have your money go towards top quality flowers rather than delivery fees. Alternatively send flowers to their workplace on the Friday before. She will love being the talk of the office when people see a huge bouquet being delivered.
Chris Barker, Bunches.co.uk

Were delivering on Mothers Day, across mainland UK and also do same day delivery.
Rhian Maidment, Serenata Flowers

Order for Saturday delivery.
Joel Richardson, Blooming Direct

We delivery on Sundays, but my tip would be to buy early because the last thing you want to be doing is running around supermarkets on the day.
Pascale Perry, Arena Flowers

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