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Online Exhibition of Small Format Abstract Paintings by Rajesh Shah

Press Release: September 16, 2020

Press Release: For Immediate Dissemination


Small format Abstract Paintings


Rajesh Shah


Exhibition dates: 18th – 22nd Sept. 2020

at www.gallerypradarshak.com


Dialogue between artist Rajesh Shah and veteran abstractionist Prabhakar Kolte:

18th Sept.2020 5.45 pm IST

on Zoom link http://bit.ly/DailogueWithPrabhakarKolteAndRajeshShah-Pradarshak


Dialogue includes:

  • Journey of the artist from realism to abstractionism
  • Understanding artist Rajesh Shah


 About Rajesh Shah’s art:

Rajesh Shah is an Indian painter who excels in the use of colour configurations and the art of transforming geometric, non-geometric and curvilinear forms. He explores the unlimited potentiality of chromatic and tonal scales, visual planes, and volume within a two-dimensional framework.


His art has journeyed from the realistic genre to the current abstract series that depicts his individualistic visual vocabulary and inimitable style. An optical illusionist whose art defies limitations, his is visual poetry bursting forth with relentless energetic expression.  


Viewing his dynamic and exuberant works of art is an exciting kinetic experience. As a Colour Field painter, Shah pursues colour relationships with fervour. His palette is innovative and complex. He uses bolder, vivid colours in acrylic paints. As colourful patterns advance and recede, undulate, and coalesce, they emulate the manner in which the universe operates in the energetic realms of both the microcosm and macrocosm.


Shah's use of both organic shapes and pixelated forms serve as references to living organisms as well as the world of technology. These patterns cohabitate in harmony, often superimposed upon the other, to create a reverie of unpredictable movement and transparent effects. The artist brings an extensive mastery of colour theory, innate sense of rhythm, and compositional elements to each painting.


With utmost proficiency he invites us to view the world as a magical, fluid, and invigorating panorama. Through his paintings we experience our universe with a new expansive and compelling perspective.


Rajesh Shah acquired his M.F.A. & B.F.A. in Fine Art from Pune University and a Diploma in Art education from Mumbai. He has been awarded with numerous awards. Exhibiting his works in several Solo and Group shows, he has successfully carved a niche for himself in Contemporary Indian Art.

The above abstract is written by Mr. Giri, Art Master, Rashtriya Vidyalaya,                                             Khamgaon, Buldana District, Maharashtra.

For any further information, please feel free to connect with

Savitha Hira

Proprietor www.gallerypradarshak.com

Ph: +91 9920386641

Email:  [email protected]


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