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Online Directory of Kent Commercial Deep Cleaning Companies Launched

Press Release: June 11, 2020

ASHFORD, Kent. June 11, 2020 /PRFIRE/ -- Business looking for commercial deep cleaning service providers in Kent can find information on DeepCleaningKent.co.uk (Deep Cleaning Kent). The new website directory has a list of reputable expert deep cleaning companies across Kent. This list is specially curated to make it easy for businesses to compare service providers and get quotes fast using an online form that is easy to use.

While regular cleaning ensures that the business premises are clean, deep cleaning is vital for keeping the premises safe. The reason is that deep cleaning reaches areas that are hard to reach with regular cleaning. Besides, it has a broader scope than regular cleaning in terms of working in areas pathogens could multiply as well as the cleaning schedule.  

The number of times a business should have deep cleaning is dependent on the traffic. Any responsible employer or organisation should hire a deep cleaning provider if there is a suspected case of coronavirus outbreak in the premises. Even in cases where businesses are shut in a bid to control the virus, deep cleaning can remove any viruses that were left when closing before the organisation resumes operations.

The disinfectants used to deal with COVID-19 are similar to ones used to eliminate other viruses such as flu and the common cold. Businesses should follow the same advice given to residential households. They should clean the buildings regularly with special attention to high touch surfaces such as door handles and lift buttons. Disinfectants should be part of the cleaning process, as regular detergents cannot eradicate the virus alone.

One of the most effective methods of killing a wide range of pathogens, including MRSA, norovirus and coronavirus, is bio-fogging. This method works by creating a dry mist in the interior spaces. When the small droplets fall onto various surfaces, they sterilise them by killing the virus. It is effective in sterilising furnishings, floors, ceilings and walls. However, disinfectants used should comply with health regulations to ensure that they are safe for use in public spaces.

Many types of businesses such as transport, gyms can also benefit from using bio-fogging to eliminate pathogens. Since, most of the germs are spread through coughing and hand, they can contaminate desks, keyboards, door handles and other office equipment. Bio-fogging is an effective and fast technique for keeping coronavirus and other pathogens at bay.

Businesses can access the directory at https://www.deepcleaningkent.co.uk


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DeepCleaningKent.co.uk is an online directory service containing companies specialising in commercial deep cleaning throughout Kent. The directory has been created by the special projects team at Hypergroup.

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