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Online creative community provides new platform for promoting creative courses

Press Release: March 09, 2010

Unique and international arts centre, Meltdowns, has been around since 2004 and its artists, according to the companys site, provide a unique and exceptional arts service, with an emphasis on artistic integrity, uncompromised creativity, accessibility and professionalism and maintain its reputation for fine, detailed casting, experimenting with techniques and consistently pushing the boundaries of foundry practice.

Courses available range from bronze casting education programmes (three courses that span across eight to ten sessions) to one day introductory life casting courses. Residency opportunities for emerging artists combine funding and space, and studios are also available. The intention of all these activities is to inspire enthusiasm, provide access to studio, workshop and project space and for people to become involved with creativity in a way that appeals most to them.

Its difficult to describe a typical type of student on the courses itll often depend on the budget and the time available to them, and its not just for artists either; Meltdowns is all inclusive and is therefore attended by doctors, architects and students looking to move from something like 2D painting and drawing into a new 3D aspect of their creativity. Whether adults enrolling on a bronze casting course, or a group of young people working through schools or the education programme, Meltdowns suits all ages.

While word of mouth marketing is seen as valuable in terms of credibility, having to rely upon this as a promotional tool has its obvious limitations it takes time to be able to see this kind of referral and recommendation emerge as new business. Meltdowns has needed to combine a number of promotional strategies to maximize its marketing efforts and gain widespread appreciation of what the centre offers.

Targeting the right kinds of people and raising awareness of the organisation has been the key challenge and, as a cost effective marketing outlet, a creative courses hub like Artsbowl will be an important platform for the promotion of Meltdowns courses. Artsbowl will increase awareness, raise the profile and encourage involvement in Meltdowns and its focus specifically on creative arts courses is priceless.

With plans over the next couple of years to develop and promote innovation in sustainability through space linked arts practice, this ethically considered arts centre will be expanding its course programmes and education partnerships. While maintaining the same level of integrity, Meltdowns will need to continue its efforts to secure cost effective and sustainable marketing and public relations exposure within the appropriate media outlets. This will also help to address financial issues that its encountered through its unique business model and approach to be revenue funding reliant isnt an option, so access to funding must be done by promoting understanding.

The bronze casting courses in themselves are unique they dont cut out any stage of the process, which is a huge differentiator and is why an increased understanding of Meltdowns and all it has to offer through outlets such as Artsbowl can only be a good thing for an arts centre looking to encourage creativity, help people to develop confidence with new experiences and to encourage uptake of the studio space and workshops available for this to happen.

For more information about Meltdowns, please see the organisation website. For the latest courses, see the Artsbowl course listings.

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