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Online Competency Management tool for Engineers and Organisations

Press Release: July 22, 2020

The Competency Register (https://www.methodcompreg.com) is a cloud-based Competency Management Tool that can be used by:

  • Organisations to manage the competence of their engineers
  • Individuals who wish to be able to demonstrate that their competence has been independently validated.

The tool began life as a spreadsheet used internally to ensure we only allocated team members to tasks they were competent to carry out. We identified Tasks that we were asked to perform (such as carrying out Functional Safety Assessments) and then tried to work out what might allow you to demonstrate competency in each task.

The Competency Register grew from a tool focussed on Functional Safety only, to one that includes Process Safety and other related areas of safety and engineering. We expect it to continue to expand and evolve in scope.

The Functional Safety Standards gave us the basic elements of Experience, Formal Training and Demonstration of Knowledge. We also include Soft Skills (Communication, Vision and Problem Solving, Accuracy), Personal Development Actions, “CV” and a CPD tool.

We use 4 Competency Levels of Junior, Professional, Master and Expert.

The Competency Register is used to record the Tasks that user wishes to have added to their personal area of the register. Once the Task is set up, the user can add “Activities” to that Task. Activities include:

  • Delivering projects
  • Attending Training
  • Delivering Training
  • Attending Conferences

When Activities are added, they are sent for Validation to the User’s nominated administrator who will check the evidence presented on completion of the Activity and update the Validity.

For more information on the Method Competency Register please visit:

p: www.methodcompreg.com

e: support@methodcompreg.com

p: 01462 713313

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