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One With The Light: A Mystic's Journey to the Light

Press Release: June 09, 2019

One With The Light: A Mystic's Journey to the Light

Author Jerri Curry, Ph.D. Releases New Inspirational Non-fiction - One With The Light: A Mystic's Journey to the Light

Author Jerri Curry, Ph.D. is pleased to announce the upcoming release of her inspirational non-fiction book, One With The Light: A Mystic's Journey to the Light. Scheduled for release by the Center for Mediation and Counseling on June 12, 2019 the book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers.

Collective, Compassionate Consciousness is our Destiny. Embracing the integration of social, spiritual and scientific concepts through a Cognitive-Behavioral and Spiritual approach with a touch of quantum physics insights in learning life's lessons. As You think, so you Are. Has your external teacher found you today? Join us as we walk a path toward Enlightenment.

Book Details:
One with the Light
A Mystic's Journey to the Light
By Jerri Curry, Ph.D.
Publisher: Center for Mediation and Counseling
Release Date: June 12, 2019
ISBN: 978-0692105580
Paperback: $39.95
Ebook: $9.95
Pages: 175
Genre: Inspirational Nonfiction

About the Author:
Author Jerri Curry, Ph.D., has written several books, professional journal articles and for television. She is a Forensic Psychologist (Psy27385) and Family Therapist (LMFT19776). Her book One with the Light (ISBN: 978-0-692-10558-0 and Digital ISBN: 978-0578-50038-6) is a beautifully designed gift book and it will be available June, 2019. It is an inspirational book in reaching higher consciousness for those on the spiritual path including those in the social services field and anyone who is choosing to walk the spiritual path toward higher consciousness.. A Storybook for Adults and Other Children (ISBN: 978-0-578-46611-8 and Digital ISBN: 978-0-578-46612-5) ) is a full color book with nine metaphors in helping mental health professionals. teachers and families in working with clients, students and children 10 years and older learn to overcome fears, control, self-esteem, purpose, identity, diversity and achieving the ability to Believe. It will be both a paperback including a Story Guide and Reflections (activities), and online through an E Book and video and will be available July, 2019. I Believe in Angels (pub. 1995. ISBN: 0-944586-09-0) is also available on Amazon. This book is about one woman's journey in the Himalayas near Mt. Everest and sharing challenges many women have in their journey through life.

Website: http://www.one-with-the-light.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/beinginmoment5
Facebook: http://www.facebook/jerricurry
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