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One unique quality of frsky transmitter is the D16 Mode communication protocol implemented

Press Release: June 01, 2020

With the growing popularization of RC FPV drones, many amateurs are looking for new gears, and, with that being said, the new 2019 FrSky 24CH Taranis X9 Lite Radio Support ACCESS and D16 Mode is a fantastic radio and definitely the best beginner RC transmitter to start with. Affordable and full of great features and technological innovations, the Taranis X9 Lite can be bought for only $80.99 at Horusrc.com.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap price, the frsky transmitter X9 Lite has all of the fundamental functions that made the Taranis line a favorite in the RC community, while being affordable and easy to learn, making it the perfect radio for beginners. With the ACCESS protocol, OpenTX operating system, and classic design, this is a radio that is set for the future and will satisfy the needs of the drone pilot for a long time.

The X9 Lite uses the exceptional ACCESS communication protocol, which allows for an increased transmission rate and lower latency, resulting in enhanced performance. Furthermore, ACCESS has amazing new functions like Smart MatchTM, Trio ControlTM, support for 24 channels, channel remapping, and much more, all of which prevent this transmitter from becoming obsolete in the RC drone community.

One unique quality of frsky transmitter is that it also has the D16 Mode communication protocol implemented. This offers the option of working with a wide range of receivers and makes this radio a great option for pilots who already have a  number of older receivers, while keeping it as a possibility to upgrade the drone’s electronic hardware, without any need to buy a new transmitter.

The FrSky transmitterTaranis X9 Lite has the entire array of features RC hobbyists are looking for. Navigating the menu has never been easier with the standard buttons on the left and the brand new program scroll on the right, granting fast browsing and quick set-up of the models. Up to 60 models can be stored in its memory, with the recourse of easy expansion by using a micro-SD card.

In the X9 Lite, drone pilots will find everything they need to fly and maneuver as they wish, with a momentary switch, a 2 position switch, three 3 position switches, and a pot switch. In addition to the micro-SD card slot, this transmitter also has a micro USB port, a headphone jack, a DSC port, and a smart port.

There is also support for wired training, allowing beginners to get the hang of it and easily improve their skills with the help of drone simulators. And to make sure all of these great features can be enjoyed, the X9 Lite runs on 18650 batteries, which are great since they guarantee an above-average use time and are quite simple to recharge.

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