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One Unique Local Innovator Offering Free Seminars

Press Release: November 07, 2020

Pro Tax Link LLC (ProTaxLink.com) is offering free seminars this Saturday to small business owners, particularly those in the consumer financial support industry, such as tax preparers and consumer credit counselors. There will be detailed discussions on preventing outbreaks, best practices to business scaling, diversifying income, choosing the best tax refund product program, renewing industry professionals' continuing education credits, registering for advanced and corporation tax classes, and more. Tax professionals can receive two free continuing education credits by attending, and there will be Q&A periods.

Everyone from small business owners to employees is feeling the economic pinch of the CoViD-19 pandemic. Taxes are at the intersection of our major economic indicators, such as employment, wages, and housing, that touch all sectors, from banking to hospitality to small business. Pro Tax Link actively serves its clients, both locally and nationally, with modern, value-added products and services to keep its client businesses relevant in today's market.

These seminars are being held on Saturday, Nov. 7 at Sunshine Ballroom located at 7111 West Commercial Boulevard, Tamarac, FL 33319. Professionals in tax preparation, accounting, banking, and credit coaching will be among the speakers, as will CEO Patrick Ferdinand himself. While this event is open to the public, seating is limited to 60 attendees each session. Those interested to attend can order a free ticket at https://www.eventbrite.com/o/protaxlink-31173663755 or phone 855-776-8295 to RSVP.

About Pro Tax Link LLC: Pro Tax Link LLC is a Tamarac-based professional tax software company with national reach that emphasizes experience, support, and knowledge in fostering the success of its client businesses. The company takes pride in being innovative and solutions-oriented.

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