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Press Release: August 14, 2020

Theme parks’ core business is to entertain, provide thrilling rides and out of the standard experiences. The theme park’s sector has been growing steadily in last few years. This growth can not be limited to more/bigger parks but rather to a diversified and innovative approach to the combination of attraction and rides. VR is strictly that innovative technology that may take pleasure ground operators into the subsequent generation and can deliver great entertainment and out of this world experiences.

Well to begin from 3D simulators (or 4D, 5D, 6D … getting lost with all those Ds). VR will make the standard red and blue 3D glasses appear as if prehistoric stuff. the fellows at Red Bull have certainly understood the way to use VR to make an exciting experience.

Virtual reality, could be a technology that has been promised for many years. As now it’s available to every consumers via a spread of devices that provide a 360-degree simulation that may allow users to fly like Superman, swim with sharks or roam the streets of Rome. Several competing VR headsets are on the market — starting from just some bucks, for cardboard View-Master-like goggles that hold a smartphone

Nowadays, the foremost common way for theme parks to use computer game is to overlay a VR experience on the highest of an existing roller coaster, drop tower, or water slide. Going virtual could be a way for theme parks to supply visitors new experiences without the financial drain of trying to supply the tallest or fastest rides that have ever been made (unless you opt to try to to both like Six Flags Great Adventure who has the world’s tallest VR drop ride). Rides just like the Kraken Unleashed at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, could be a traditional coaster with all the loops, twists and heart-dropping thrills, but riders use a VR headset to go away Orlando and enter an underwater world. this mixture of physically being on a coaster yet seeing a wholly different world within the VR headset offers riders a unique experience.

These rides use VR to move you to a unique reality whether it’s underwater just like the Kraken, The Daemon in Denmark where riders fly through China or detachment of a helicopter on Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom. What once was an exciting water slide transitions to a visit during a canoe next to an exploding volcano due to computer game.

Any if the roller coaster might be equipped with VR technology, some of them as follows.

In China and Dubai, theme parks and attractions dedicated entirely to computer game have opened. China’s VR Star pleasure ground, located in Guizhou province in southwestern China, cost $1.5 billion to make and offers an enormous style of VR experiences to undertake. to not be outdone, the VR Park in Dubai boasts itself because the “world’s largest VR Park.”

As the industry continues to experiment and evolve its computer game offerings, it’ll be intriguing to look at how it’ll transform theme parks.


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